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30 Mother’s Day Gifts Under $30 From Kmart, Target and Big W

Looking for the perfect gift for Mum on Mother’s Day? We risked papercuts and eye strain by diving deep into the Kmart, Target and Big W catalogues so you don’t have to. The result is a shortlist of our 30 favourite budget gift ideas for your mum and—the best part—they are all under $30. (You might want to stash some of these gifts away for Christmas and birthdays, too!)

Mother’s Day 2021 is Sunday 9 May

Mums are notorious for putting everyone’s needs before their own. That’s why the inventor of Mother’s Day, a little known American woman called Anna Jarvis, began the Mother’s Day movement more than 100 years ago. Anna was one of 13 children, so it’s little wonder her dear mum deserved an annual day of honour!

In 2019, MyBudget surveyed mums on Instagrams to find out what would make their Mother’s Day special and—no surprise—‘a clean house’ topped the list. We like to think that we can all give Mum the gift of vacuuming and dusting, PLUS a little present that says ‘thank you and love you.’

In that spirit, these budget Mother’s Day gift ideas are sure to make the mums, step-mums, grandmas or aunties in your life feel appreciated and loved.

Editorial note: Prices were accurate at the time of publishing. MyBudget has not received any monetary benefit from this content and cannot vouch on availability.

Mother’s Day gift ideas from Kmart

1. Matte Satin Pyjama Set (Kmart $25.00) Shop now >

Thanks to Covid, pyjamas are the new leisurewear, right? Mum will look ultra smooth, cool and silky in Zoom calls (or lounging around her clean house *hint*) in this PJ set.

2. 2000W Hair Dryer (Kmart $16.00) Shop now >

Help Mum to feel as if she has just stepped out of a salon with this three-speed hair dryer. It also comes with a diffuser if your mum is a curly girl.

3. OXX Cosmetic Train Case (Kmart $30.00) Shop now >

 What do we want? Makeup organisation! When do we want it? Now! Give your mum the gift of a neat bathroom with this expandable, travel-friendly beauty case.

4. USB Aroma Diffuser (Kmart $15.00) Shop now >

This diffuser has it all. Four different time settings, a mist option and a diffuse light that’s safer than a candle. Just add oil!​

5. Straightening Brush (Kmart $19.00) Shop now >

Soft, shiny, straight tresses? Help your Mum create sophisticated, sleek hairstyles with this easy-to-use straightening brush. 

6. The Bakers Kitchen – Book (Kmart $5.00) Shop now >

Is your mum a whizz in the kitchen? This recipe book is the perfect gift for mums who love to bake. Serve with a cup of tea and you’ve got the perfect afternoon.

7. Terrazzo Look Reed Diffuser and Candle (Kmart $12.00) Shop now >

With a stylish terrazzo look bottle, this reed diffuser surely looks as good as it smells. 

8. LED Lighted Mirror (Kmart $19.00) Shop now >

Allow Mum to get up close and personal with… herself! These mirrors provide light and magnification for tasks such as makeup and eyelash application, and putting in contact lenses.

Source: Kmart LED Lighted Mirror

9. Pink Clay Face Mask 20ml (Kmart $3.00) Shop now >

Spa treatments are expensive. Not so this detoxifying mask which, coupled with a USB Aroma Diffuser (Gift 5), will provide a multi-sensory experience that will leave Mum feeling relaxed and revitalised.​

10. Wellbeing Body Lavender and Eucalyptus Bath Salts 300g (Kmart $3.00) Shop now >

Guide to a happy mum: Run bath. Add Lavender and Eucalyptus bath salts. Leave Mum alone for an hour to unwind while you clean the house (*hint*).

Mother’s Day gift ideas from Target

11. Women’s Sophia Bunny Slippers (Target $6.00) Shop now >

Put a hop in Mum’s step with these cute and cosy bunny slippers. They would look perfect paired with the satin pyjama set (See Gift 1).

12. Doubled Strand Necklace (Target $12.00) Shop now >

This layered necklace is a perfect way for busy mums to add a little sparkle to their look. 

13. Wicker Frame (Target $15.00) Shop now >

Does your mum love the Boho chic look that is everywhere right now? Give her TWO things she loves by adding a photo of your gorgeous self to this wicker photo frame.​

14. HoMedics Quatro Mini Massager (Target $12.00) Shop now >

Save your fingers and Mum’s shoulders with this battery operated, hand held massage device. With four points of contact, it can tackle specific spots or larger areas that need attention.

15. 3-Pack Scrunchies (Target $6.00) Shop now >

Mum can add some cute colour to her mum-bun with this 3-pack of scrunchies. Available in neutral tones to suit all hair colours and outfits.​

16. Alchemist Bedtime Body Butter Chamomile & Lavender (Target $8.00) Shop now >

Incorporating chamomile and lavender,  known for their calming qualities, Mum can use this body butter before bed to create the perfect wind-down routine.

17. Alchemist Eye Mask – Neutral (Target $8.00) Shop now >

Is your mum still using the free eye mask she got on an international flight 10 years ago? Upgrade her eye mask to first class with this pretty and practical linen blend eye mask.​

18. Essentials Hand Lotion Grapefruit and Mandarin (Target $4.00) Shop now >

The zing of citrus scents in this hand lotion will pep up Mum each time she applies it. Plus she’ll have hydrated, healthy hands—all the better to cuddle you with. 

19. Rectangle Wooden Serving Paddle (Target $25.00) Shop now >

This is a perfect gift for mums who love to entertain in style. The paddle is easier to store than cumbersome serving platters and works just as well as a charcuterie board or fruit platter.​

20. Faux Greenery Plant in Wood Pot (Target $29.00) Shop now >

Fake plants are the perfect way to give mum the gift of greenery without giving her another     thing to look after. This one comes in a pretty wooden planter as well.

Mother’s Day gift ideas from Big W

21. Beauty Gift Packs (Big W from $10.00) Shop now >

Give Mum the gift of age-defying skin care with one of many beauty gift packs from Big W. ​

22. Design House Rope Collage Frame (Big W $12.00) Shop now >

This charming collage frame allows Mum to easily change out the photos. Kickstart the collage by including some of Mum’s fave photos. 

23. Design House Isabella 200 Pocket Photo Album (Big W $15.00) Shop now >

This elegant album is the perfect place to store those cherished images that your mum has saved to her phone.

24. &me Palm Leaf Drop Earrings – Gold (Big W $7.00) Shop now >

These cheap and cheerful earrings are an easy way to add some fun to Mum’s day and look. 

25. House & Home Diamond Fleece Throw (Big W $10.00) Shop now >

Fluffy, cosy and generously sized, this throw is great for mums who love to snuggle on the couch. Pairs well with the Lindt chocolates (Gift 28)!​

26. Emporium Jade Plant in Cement Pot 21cm (Big W $15.00) Shop now >

Fake plants are the perfect solution to having indoor greenery without the time and effort required to, well, keep them alive!

27. &me Women’s Fine Patterned Scarf (Big W $7.00) Shop now >

With winter approaching, a patterned scarf is a practical and stylish gift (and it’s impossible to buy the wrong size!)​

28. Lindt Lindor Assorted (Big W $20.00) Shop now > 

Does your mum have a sweet tooth? Then she’ll enjoy the gift of Swiss chocolate with this selection of Lindt balls.

29. Carter & Co Women’s Amaya Sunglasses (Big W $8.00) Shop now >

For mothers who are classic but contemporary, these sunnies feature the classic aviator shape, but with a modern twist.

30. &me Locket Necklace (Big W $7.00) Show now >

Let Mum know you keep her close to your heart with this elegant, heart-shaped locket.

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