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Free school holiday events

Looking for free events during the school holidays? We’ve shortlisted a few to get you started.


9 January — ‘Little Day In STEAM: Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics, with Art!’, 1pm – 3pm at Thebarton Community Centre, Torrensville.

18 January – ‘Dream Story Telling’, 1:30pm at Adelaide Botanic Gardens.

12 & 19 January – Outdoor movies at the Marion Cultural Centre from 8:30pm.

24 January — ‘Little Day Out: Splash!’, 11.30am – 1.30pm at Mellor Park, Henley Beach Rd, Lockleys.



Every Sunday morning — Craft and storytelling at the Museum of Brisbane, 10am – 12pm in the Dome Lounge. Ends 29 April, 2018.

9-17 January — Discover the world of geometric shapes and create a beautiful geometrical artwork. See Gold Coast Libraries website for dates, times and locations.

18-21 January — ‘Tech+Stories+Play’ at the State Library of Queensland, South Bank.

9th December-22 April —’Me, Myselfie and I’ interactive exhibition at GOMA from 10am – 5pm daily.



7 & 21 January – ‘Broadbeach Markets’, visit the Gold Coast’s famous beachfront art and craft markets. Held in Kurrawa Park on the beachfront opposite the Oasis Shopping centre, 8am – 2pm.

9-17 January — Discover the world of geometric shapes and create a beautiful geometrical artwork. See Gold Coast Libraries website for dates, times and locations.

11 January – ‘Splashtacular Water Fun’, spend the morning at Mudgeeraba getting soaked and having a laugh with fun filled water games, Hinterland Regional Park, 40 Hardys Road, Mudgeeraba, 9am – 11am.

20 January – ‘A Dog’s Purpose’ Movie Under the Stars at Schusters Park, Tallebudgera. Pre-movie kids’ entertainment starts at 4:30pm, movie at 6:30pm.



16 December – 29 January — ‘Tinkertorium’ at the Powerhouse Museum, 10am to 5pm daily. Adults $15, kids free.

20 January — ‘Red Dog: True Blue’, outdoor cinema from sunset at Strathfield Park, Strathfield.

Until 26 January — ‘Free Balance Bike Clinics’, 11am until 3pm every day at Sydney Park Cycling, Alexandria. Suitable for kids aged 3 to 8.

6 – 28 January — ‘Plastic Jurassic’ artist Hiroshi Fuji sculpts nostalgic, joyful creatures from unloved plastic toys. Kids aged 6 – 12 can learn to transform unloved toys into new creations at Sydney Town Hall, daily.



25 January — ‘Get Slimed’ in this slime making workshop at Southbank Library at Boyd at 10:30am. Free to all, but bookings required.

15 – 24 January — ‘Put Yourself in the Picture’ and imagine working in the goldfields at the Old Treasury Building. No bookings required, but check for session times.

23 January — ‘Lava Lamp Workshop’ at 10:30am at the City Library. Designed for 5 to 11 year olds. Free to all, but bookings required.

Every day — At Melbourne Zoo, children aged 0 – 15 get in for free on weekends, public and school holidays.



1 – 31 January — Follow the trail around Revolutions Transport Museum to discover interesting information about ‘Baggage Wearing Beasts’, courier camels, delivery donkeys and hauling horses of the past. From 10am to 4pm daily.

7 January — ‘Pirate Attack!’ The pirate ship Duyfken is going to attack East Fremantle Yacht Club. Put on your pirate gear to join in the action from 10am – 2pm.

8 – 12 and 15 – 19 January —’Mini Masterpiece’ singing and theatre workshops, 10am – 2:30pm at the State Library of Western Australia Theatre. Check website for details.

8 – 28 January — ‘Toys Just Want To Have Fun’ is in the Discovery Zone at the State Library of WA. Children and grown-ups can sort, build, pretend, make art or music and create games.


Equipping the financial fitness nation: a mini manifesto

There’s a lot of talk about financial fitness these days, and rightly so. We have more material things than ever before, and yet financial stress is everywhere. It’s little wonder that people are getting sick and tired — literally sick and tired — of worrying about money.

But there is a bright side. Just like the physical fitness boom that kicked off in the ‘80s, more and more people are becoming interested in getting financially fit, so much so that it’s growing into a global movement of like-minded people who reject the idea that it’s normal and ok to spend life worrying about money.

Employers are jumping on board, too. Workplaces are increasingly offering financial wellness programs as part of their employee benefits. There’s recognition that a financially healthy workforce is more motivated and productive. After all, how can you be happy in your job if you’re worried about your rent payments or you can never afford a holiday? How can you be happy in your marriage if you’re always fighting about money? And how can you look forward to the future when it feels impossible to get ahead?

MyBudget has always been at the forefront of the financial fitness movement. In fact, when it launched nearly twenty years ago, people said there would be no demand for budgeting services. Budgeting was too boring, they said. Having now helped more than 75,000 clients, MyBudget continues to prove them wrong. Perhaps budgeting is a dull topic for dinner conversation, but achieving your life goals isn’t. There’s nothing boring about saving to start a family or buy a house or launch your own business or go on an overseas holiday.

What makes budgeting exciting is that it’s the process of creating a customized plan for your money and your life. It’s about working out your financial priorities and what you want to achieve with your money this week, this month, this year, this decade, this lifetime. Budgeting isn’t just something you do, it’s a philosophy you live. And when you manage your finances well, it goes a long way towards your life working out exactly the way you want it to.

But I will admit this: budgeting isn’t always easy. Most people learn their money skills from friends and family, which can result in all sorts of mixed up ideas. Plus, budgeting goes against the very grain of consumer society where the drip-feed message is to spend now and worry about the consequences later. So, for lots of people, getting financially fit means changing how they perceive money and relate to it.

But here’s the thing — you don’t have to do it on your own. My vision, and our purpose at MyBudget, is to equip the entire financial fitness nation with the tools, knowledge and support it needs to succeed.

Instead of worrying about money, imagine a world where everyone has, in their pocket, access to their exact financial position and future outlook, with all their bills and expenses and savings and goals mapped out before them. Make a change to your budget and see your short and long-term projections change before your eyes. Don’t worry about setting aside savings or paying bills manually — it gets done directly from your budget. Got a question? Call or message your support team for advice.

What I just described isn’t the future, it’s MyBudget right now. We’re committed to making money management easy, engaging and interactive — an immersive experience where we serve up healthy money management options and help you achieve lifelong financial fitness, day-by-day.

Because that’s how you get financially fit. It’s not achieved by looking at your bank statement once a month. Your financial fitness level is the sum of your daily money habits. And that’s where the MyBudget team does its best work on your behalf, getting you financially fitter, freeing you from your money worries and helping you live the life you want.

That’s MyBudget’s vision for the financial fitness revolution — a world where you have the right information, structure and support at your fingertips to live a financially fit and abundant life. To not just budget, but to budget for happiness!

Whether you’re a MyBudget member or not, are you a member of the financial fitness revolution? What are your financial goals for 2018? Will you be saving? Paying down debt? Kicking bad habits? We’d love you to share your financial fitness goals for 2018 in the comments below!

Watch Tammy’s Video Blog Here.

I will tell you but keep it in secret

The Santa factor: Managing kids’ Christmas expectations

It was coming up to Christmas and my son Seth, then six, was looking through a toy catalogue that came in a pile of junk mail. He was picking out all the things he wanted—Transformers, Lego, walkie-talkies, a Slip-n-Slide… The list went on. Being a budgeting type, I’ve talked to my kids about the value of money since they were little and I pointed out to Seth that his list ran to hundreds of dollars. “It’s ok, Mum,” my little man replied, “I’m going to ask Father Christmas for them!”

Ah, the Santa Factor. The magical, rosy-cheeked bearded man who makes Christmas wishes come true. Skateboards, doll houses, Nintendos, puppies—you name it, nothing is beyond the big guy’s scope. And hence the conundrum: how to manage kids’ expectations without undoing the magic of Christmas or your budget.

So, here are some suggestions for dealing with the Santa Factor and for relieving the financial stress it can bring:

  • Space on Santa’s sleigh is at a premium, which means he only has room for one present per child. You can still give your kids extra gifts, but the one-kid-one-gift-from-FC policy alleviates applying the magical Santa factor to every present.
  • The rule above then frees you up to talk with your kids about what’s affordable within your household budget and give them with choices—“We can’t afford a new bike and a scooter this Christmas, but it’s up to you which one you choose.”
  • Refocus your child’s attention on not just receiving, but giving too. Who are they going to make or buy presents for this year? Children who earn pocket money might be expected to set some aside for buying little gifts for, say, their grandparents. Smaller children might be helped to make something.
  • Another way to involve your child in the spirit of Christmas is to include them in making a charitable donation. At most schools and shopping centres, you’ll find charities looking for toys and food for less fortunate families. Use the opportunity to explain that Christmas is also about sharing and helping each other.
  • We can also help to deflect attention from the material aspect to the experiences of Christmas. Think back to your own childhood. I bet your fondest memories of Christmas are not of specific presents but of the fun times you had together—perhaps decorating the tree or going to see the Christmas lights. What special Christmas rituals does your family have? It’s never too late to start some.
  • Of course, another option is to come clean and pop the Santa Factor like a balloon. Research shows that most kids cotton on at around seven but continue to believe because they enjoy the excitement!

If the Santa Factor is causing you stress this Christmas, give the caring elves at MyBudget a call on 1300 300 922. We’re here to make Christmas memorable for all the right reasons.


MyBudget’s Tammy Barton Wins Telstra Business Women Award for SA

We’re excited to announce that MyBudget’s founder and director Tammy Barton has been named South Australia’s Telstra Business Woman of 2017. Tammy is the award’s first two-time winner, after first winning the TBWA title for South Australia in 2007. The competition came down to four finalists from each of the award categories, with Tammy also winning the entrepreneur category.

The awards ambassador, Joe Pollard, last night described Tammy as “disrupting the financial services sector by focusing on making a difference to people’s lives, rather than selling products. Her goal has always been first and foremost to eliminate financial stress in the community. MyBudget is a company solving real problems for real people.”

When Tammy last won the award, MyBudget was poised to expand its Adelaide presence into Melbourne. Ten years later, the company has grown 2,000 percent, helped nearly 70,000 people and is poised to launch its services into the United Kingdom. We can only imagine what the next ten years has in store!

Tammy wishes to thank all clients and team members, past and present. She says, “This award is for all of us who are passionate about freeing people from money worries and building stronger, financially fitter communities.”



Three things I’d like Australian kids to know about money

Do you wonder what it takes to prepare kids to live financially fit lives? In this video, MyBudget’s founder and director Tammy Barton shares her top tips for teaching teenagers about money before they leave high school, including understanding how credit cards and credit contracts work and how to achieve financial fitness on nearly any income level through saving and budgeting.

Watch Tammy’s Video Here