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Savings calculator

Make saving easier and achieve your goals sooner with MyBudget
Achieve your savings goals

What are you saving for? Holiday? House deposit? Emergency fund? Use the calculator to create a savings plan and combine it with budgeting to free up cash, control your spending and reach your goals faster.

Think outside the bank

Financial fitness is not a number on your bank statement. It’s the sum of your daily money habits, which is why budgeting is so powerful. It’s a plan for what you want to achieve with your money and your life.

Create a plan and stick to it

Creating a savings plan is just the beginning. Our unique approach combines automated money management with human expertise. This is why our clients are so successful at reaching their savings goals.

Personal budget services

Have you ever wondered why some people are better at achieving their financial goals than others?

You might be surprised to discover that it has less to do with how much you earn and more to do with how you manage your money.

MyBudget is the proven way to achieve your savings goals.

Watch your savings grow

The MyBudget app powers you and your money.
  • Save money and reach your financial goals faster.
  • See exactly where you money is going with your future forecast and financial fitness tracker.
  • Add bills and update your budget anytime, anywhere.

Our clients love us!

“Since being with MyBudget we have been able to have some savings behind us. We are able to absorb larger bills when they come in and still be ahead..”


Take the first step towards financial freedom.