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Fast-track your financial goals

The worry-free way to manage your money.

Customised plan

You’ll see exactly what you can achieve and how long it will take. We create a detailed budget, customised to your unique financial goals.

Easy set up and automation

Your money expert will set up your budget for you. Streamlined money automation ensures your bills are paid on time and you always have cash in your pocket.

Support and care

Ongoing support from our caring money management experts. We automate and streamline your bills and manage your expenses for you.

Financial solutions to meet your needs

Whatever your money goals, there is a MyBudget solution to help you reach them.

Personal budget services

Budgeting is more than paying bills and setting aside savings. It’s about creating a money plan for the life you want.

Our unique approach combines technology with human expertise and is proven to help you achieve your dreams faster.

Bec & Jarrad | Clients since 2016

Megan & Creagh | Clients since 2018

Debt solutions

Quickly relieve debt stress and get out of debt faster with a customised, affordable debt solution.

Our debt experts will work with you to choose the right strategy. We automate and streamline your bills and manage your expenses for you.

Manage your money on the go

The MyBudget client app powers you and your money.
  • See exactly where your money is going.
  • Add bills and update your budget anytime, anywhere.
  • Get ahead faster with your future forecast and financial fitness tracker.

Our clients love us!

“I have been with MyBudget for around 15 years, in that time I have become debt free, saved a house deposit and they facilitated a home loan for me. The people at MyBudget have organised my finances so that all my bills are paid on time, my mortgage is paid, I have plenty of money to live on, plus I can still save money as well. So do I trust MyBudget, Yes I do.”

Gary Nicol

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