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Our podcast hosted by personal finance expert Tammy Barton, provides a window into the lives of our amazing MyBudget clients. Hear how they overcame unexpected challenges to thrive in their personal and financial lives with determination and a little help. No matter your financial position or goals, transformational change is achievable.

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About the show

Doing well with your money goes a long way to your life turning out the way you’d like it to. MyMoney MyStory shines a spotlight on some of our fabulous clients who are now living their lives the way they deserve and kicking plenty of financial goals along the way.
We get the privilege of them sharing their life stories with us and hear how they have overcome some of life’s toughest challenges to thrive.
Meet our host

Tammy Barton Founder and Director

Tammy Barton is an Australian entrepreneur, businessperson and personal finance expert. She is the founding director of MyBudget, an award-winning personal budgeting service based in Australia that aims to help people take control of their finances through budgeting and money management.

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For 25 years, MyBudget has helped 130,000+ Australians transform their money and build savings to achieve their financial goals. Together, we’ll design a customised budget plan that makes your money go further.

What listeners are saying…

mymoney mystory

Life-Changing Podcast

I was lucky enough to hear this podcast before its release, with some incredible stories that were some of the most inspiring I’ve ever heard. Highly recommend to anyone that wants to hear about how impactful budgeting can be on their life, beyond just the financial.

On May 4, 2023 via Apple Podcast