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20 Christmas stocking fillers for everyone on your list

Christmas stocking fillers are an essential part of Christmas gift giving and cannot be overlooked. The old saying “it’s the thought that counts” especially applies to these small presents as they’re perfect gift opportunities to personalise and show much you care for them. There’s really no better memory than waking up on Christmas morning and spilling your stocking contents and rummaging through your new toys amongst the falling candy canes. Whether it’s ideal stocking fillers for adults or cool stocking fillers for kids, we’ve listed 20 great gift ideas for everyone on your list.

15 Christmas stocking fillers for adults

Let’s start with the adults and their gift guide for stocking fillers. Just because we’re not children anymore, that doesn’t mean we don’t enjoy fun gifts. So here are 15 cool and awesome stocking filler gifts for adults that you can easily pop into the stocking this December.

Pet Christmas photos

Who doesn’t love dressing up their pets in adorable costumes?

Our pets are members of our families and just like the kids taking photos with Santa, there are plenty of organisations and shopping centres that allow your pet to say cheese while they’re sitting next to Father Christmas. Pop the snapshot into a festive frame and that’s a wrap.

20 christmas stocking fillers for everyone on your list

Pet Christmas costumes

If you liked the previous idea and think someone else would also like to dress up their furry friend, Christmas costumes for pets will always put smiles on faces. Imagine a pug in a reindeer costume or a cat in an elf costume; they may not be impressed but we do it out of love.

Christmas Decorations

Perfect stocking fillers are affordable gifts that prepare for the next year. If they’re worried that their Christmas decorations weren’t up to standard, you can give them a head start for next year with some lights, reefs and baubles. Just don’t force the reindeer in the stocking, it might not fit.

20 christmas stocking fillers for everyone on your list

Skin care products

Skin care is something that’s often taken for granted, so swap out that Lynx Africa body spray pack for a good face wash. The Body Shop has a wide range of grooming products for every skin type and they’re the perfect sized stocking stuffers.

Portable charger

How many times have you been out and about when your phone gives us the dreaded battery low notification? Whether their phone is getting old or they love to go camping, portable chargers are always handy to have in a pinch.

20 christmas stocking fillers for everyone on your list

Tile Mate

The Tile Mate is the perfect cheap stocking filler for anyone who has a habit of losing their keys (or anything, for that matter). These little mates can slide, stick or attach to all belongings and setup is easy as connecting to it via Bluetooth, downloading the app and following the prompts.

Keys gone walkabouts? Laptop not where you left it? Just open the Tile app and let it do the searching. You can even find your phone by pressing the button on the Tile itself!

Whisky stones

For scotch on the rocks enthusiasts who keep forgetting to fill up the ice tray, whisky stones are a great solution. Sure, they’ll still need to remember to freeze them but it removes that nervous fumbling trip from the tap to the freezer.

20 christmas stocking fillers for everyone on your list

Bed linen

The best feeling after a long day is being able to snuggle into comfortable bed linen. This stocking filler is for anyone who loves a good nap (don’t we all) and for your avid bed decorators.

Reusable coffee cup

Let’s stop for a moment and think about how many cups of coffee we buy on a weekly basis. If the local café refers to their order as “the usual”, then reusable coffee cups are perfect stocking fillers and great for the world we live in.

20 christmas stocking fillers for everyone on your list

Gift card

Some people are just hard to buy gifts for. We all have friends and family members that either already have everything they need or say “you don’t need to get me anything” – how frustrating!

Gift cards are the perfect stocking fillers as one way or another, it will go to good use. If they like reading, get them a Dymocks gift card; if they like video games, get them an EB Games gift card; or if you have no idea what they like, you can simply go with a Kmart gift card – everybody loves Kmart.

Prezzee lets you purchase digital gift cards online with no fees, you can schedule when to receive the gift card either by SMS or email and you can even personalise the card with your very own photo or video message.

Mini waffle maker

Who doesn’t love waffles? A regular sized waffle maker may have been a bit tricky to fit into a stocking but a mini waffle maker – that’ll fit nicely. They’ll be sure to work as a special gift for any sweet tooth. We all know what’s for breakfast this Boxing Day!

20 christmas stocking fillers for everyone on your list

Christmas socks

Fun socks are always reliable stocking fillers but fun Christmas socks – that’s genius! The only problem is that the average Australian Christmas day is likely to be hot but that’s why we have Christmas in July. One Christmas is just never enough and when we’re longing for the festive season in the winter, there’s nothing better than slipping on the Rudolph socks and sitting down to a mug of hot chocolate.


Popsockets are such simple and affordable gift ideas but they’re quite possibly the best phone accessory since screen protectors. These little do-dads stick to the back of phones and ease the weight of your phone from your hands, preventing repetitive strain injury (RSI). They come in all different shapes and designs and many can act as stands or stick to flat surfaces.

20 christmas stocking fillers for everyone on your list

Bath bomb

A bath is not complete without a bath bomb. Fill up the tub, drop one into the water and watch it fizzle. Bath bomb gift sets come in all different colours and scents, the options are almost endless. Want to go for a floral scent or does your friend prefer citrus? There’s bound to be something for everyone, making them amazing stocking stuffers.

Mini massager

These little gadgets work wonders on tight muscles and are perfect stocking filler ideas. Each of its nodes give soothing vibrations that can target the worst muscle knots. Target’s range even comes with a handle for easy holding – how great is that!

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5 Stocking fillers for kids

But of course, we cannot forget the kids! While marketing will want to ensure we grab the new fad popular gift, we’ve found a handful of excellent stocking stuffers that are both fun and practical items for kids.

Jigsaw puzzle

Jigsaw puzzles will keep kids occupied for hours and they’re great for encouraging problem solving and teamwork. Now it just comes down to what type of jigsaw you want to get them – Disney? Science? One of their favourite video game? There are puzzles for everything now and they’re perfect stocking fillers for kids.

20 christmas stocking fillers for everyone on your list


Small stocking fillers for kids are ideal and you can buy keyrings of almost anything nowadays. Zing regularly stocks a wide variety of keyrings inspired by many different franchises, from Star Wars to Pokémon. What child doesn’t want a Pikachu keyring on their school bag?

Sensory & Fidget toys

If this child has a lot of energy and is prone to fidgeting, then a fidget toy may be perfect for them. These toys keep the body active so that their minds can concentrate, especially when they’re studying. They come in all shapes and sizes and a lot of them are quite funky, too.

20 christmas stocking fillers for everyone on your list

Funko Pop! Vinyl figurines

Funko Pop figures are so popular because no matter what tv show, movie or video game they’re into, there’s bound to be a figurine from it. They’ll appeal to any niche and their bulbous heads and round black eyes are somehow so cute.

Video game gift cards

Roblox, Minecraft, EB Games, Steam, PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo – there are a wide variety of video game gift cards out there and they’ll fit nicely as cheap stocking filler ideas for kids. You may know what video games your children like but if it’s for someone else’s, you can always ask their parents about what the current popular game is. If they’re able to buy a few games from it, that’s hours of fun right there.

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