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Top 23 Father’s Day gift ideas on a budget

Need some Father’s Day gift ideas? Look no further! September always seems to sneak up on us, so we’ve gathered a  list of our favourite Father’s Day gifts to inspire you. Whether it’s personalised creations from the kids or unique finds, you will find the perfect gift for dad here.

And if you like more than one item, at least you know you have dad’s birthday gifts covered as well!

Father’s Day Gifts in Australia

Our gift guide of top 23 gift ideas below are excellent gifts for dad while being budget-friendly.

The Father’s Day gift ideas below are perfect for any type of dad, and the best thing is that they won’t break the bank! With inflation up, and potential future interest rate rises on the horizon, keep on reading to find out how you can still find a great gift for dad this Father’s Day without straining your finances. 

Personalised Father’s Day gifts

Every time you turn a page in the calendar, it feels like there’s another holiday to buy gifts for. But that doesn’t mean you don’t want to show your appreciation to your loved ones. So, something personal may be exactly what the doctor ordered! 

Engraved tools

If dad is the handyman type, he’s likely always fumbling around with his tools. What better way to keep your family in his mind than getting him some engraved tools? We’ve seen hammer handles engraved, personalised tape measures, customised multi-tool kits, you name it. If you can’t decide, why not engrave the whole toolbox!

Custom mugs

You can never have too many mugs! Whether it’s coffee, tea or hot chocolate, every time dad takes a sip out of his personalised mug, he will know he’s loved. Kmart has a Paint Your Own Mug Set for a merely $3.50 – what a bargain!

Personalised photo frame

This one is perfect for the sentimental type! It’s a special way to show dad your affection and cherish memories together. Whether it’s a family portrait, a holiday pic, or a photo of a loved one, it is a great addition to the home décor or office. 

Fair warning, this photo frame will be in the house, so make sure to pick a photo that shows your best side.

Personalised wallet

What does dad (hopefully) have on him at all times? You guessed it, his wallet. Put a smile on his face by reminding him how much he’s appreciated every day.

DIY homemade Father’s Day gifts

DIY homemade Father’s Day gifts are the best, mostly because you can get the kids involved and have some fun with it.

Picture book

A picture is worth a thousand words. Getting the kids together to write a story about their superhero dad, complete with illustrations and a whole lot of love will be sure to put a smile on dad’s face this September.

DIY coupon book

Ah, the old coupon book; the gift that keeps on giving! From a free car wash to a massage, and even doing the dishes, dad can be spoiled as he sits back and relaxes after a long day, there are a wide variety of options. Perfect for Father’s Day or as birthday gifts.

DIY beard oil or shaving cream

There are plenty of simple recipes online to make a beard oil at home using natural ingredients. Pick your favourite essential oil and give it a shot. Not only will you save money, but dad will appreciate the thought and effort gone into it.

Homemade BBQ sauce 

If your dad loves a good barbie, surprise him with a homemade BBQ sauce or spice rub. You can find many easy, budget-friendly recipes online, and chances are you probably have most of the ingredients in your pantry already! 

Father’s Day Award Ribbon

All you need is some craft paper, fold it like an accordion into a circle, stick a ‘Best Dad’ circle on top, cut triangles out of the ribbon parts and you’re good to go. And by getting creative, I’m sure you can find a wide range of colour options. How cute is that!

Funny Father’s Day gifts

Making dad laugh is one of life’s great joys. Sometimes, you want some gift ideas that’ll bring a smile to his face, while also bringing a smile to yours.

Cooking aprons

Sometimes, you just can’t go past the classics. ‘Kiss the chef’, ‘Best flippin’ dad ever’ and ‘Daddio of the patio’, all hysterical! Many online shops have a wide range of funny aprons, and they make for some of the best Father’s Day gift ideas; perfect for a day around the barbie!

Fun socks

What dad doesn’t like a fun pair of socks? Walking into the office in a formal outfit and knowing your socks have little tacos on them that no one can see is a great feeling; believe me, I know.

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Dad Joke Box

Does your dad love a good chuckle? Creating a wide variety of dad jokes that you know he’ll love is a great way to bring some extra fun to the day and perfect budget friendly last-minute gifts.

Funny mugs

And what better way to compliment a dad jokes coaster set than with a funny mug! This is a great way to get creative. Print a funny photo of dad onto it; get an inside joke written onto it, there’s so much you can do here to make dad smile.

Joke toilet paper

Let’s keep the humour rolling with a roll of joke toilet paper. The only downside to this gift is that he can only use it once.

Unique Father’s Day gifts

Here are some gift ideas that we’ve thought are quite unique to make dad feel extra special on his special day.

Outdoor adventure kit

If your dad enjoys spending time outdoors, why not put together an outdoor adventure kit. Pack a water bottle, sunscreen, hat, bug spray, a pocket knife, and a compass, and spend some quality time together in nature.

Memory jar

Gather your best memories together and fill a memory jar with them!  Write small notes to remind dad of the many reasons why you love him, and print some photos to go along with them too.

Garden beds

For the dad who loves to garden, how about a garden bed? Houses are being built with less-and-less backyards these days, so a garden bed on a balcony or just outside the back door can be the perfect solution to make the house beautiful.

While you’re at the hardware store, be sure to get some seeds so dad can start right away. Make sure to get flowers in a variety of colors so when they bloom, they make the garden pop!

Car seat gap pocket organiser

How many times has your dad gotten into the car and something falls out of his pocket, only to be wedged down the side of the car seat? The car seat gap pocket organiser sits just to the side of that very gap and lets you empty your pockets before they can fall out. Truly ingenious!

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Last-minute Father’s Day gifts

Life is busy sometimes and while we mean well, buying a present can slip our minds. Below are some last-minute gifts for dad.

Gift Card

Sometimes the best gift is giving the recipient the choice to get what they want. There are a wide range of gift cards to suit any dad, truly making it one of the most versatile Father’s Day gift ideas in Australia.

Prezzee lets you purchase digital gift cards online with no fees, you can schedule when to receive the gift card either by SMS or email and you can even personalise the card with your very own photo or video message.


For the dad with a heart bigger than his wallet, knowing that their gift is helping someone less fortunate can be a beautiful feeling.

Coffee subscription

For the coffee lovers, an annual subscription to a monthly coffee subscription allows him to try a new blend for every page on the calendar. And if your dad doesn’t drink coffee, there are plenty more, such as beer, wine, meat, fruit, Kayo; the list goes on!


Does your dad have a sweet tooth? Getting your dad his favourite box of chocolates will make his day as he either picks at them over the week (or scoffs them all in a matter of minutes). Pop it in a lovely gift box and you’re good to go.

Underwear and socks

Sometimes the classics are classics for a reason. Dads are notorious for neglecting to buy their own underwear and socks, so this is why we have to get them for him. Don’t blame us!

Hopefully this list has helped to give you some Father’s Day gift ideas. And to add just one more gift to the list, how about the gift of financial security? MyBudget has helped over 130,000 Australians with their budgeting and by recommending us to your dad, it could wind up being the best Father’s Day gift he’s ever received. To learn more, give us a call on 1300 300 922 or enquire online today.

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