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For 25 years, MyBudget has helped 130,000+ Australians fast track their financial goals by reducing their debt and building savings.

For 25 years, MyBudget has helped 130,000+ Australians reduce debt and grow savings.

The majority of MyBudget clients pay off 90% of their unsecured debt in just over 3 years.

Pay your bills and create savings…


Plan ahead

When you budget with us, all of your income and expenses are planned 12 months in advance to show you exactly how to start saving and how your money is tracking.

Build a budget

We help you build a budget that supports your lifestyle. Date nights, holidays, house deposit and more are all part of budgeting for the life you want.
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Automated money management

Our money experts do all the work to keep your budget on track. Freeing up your time so you can stop worrying and start living.
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Create a safety net

Every budget we design puts aside money to prepare for the unexpected. Enjoy peace of mind with savings and flexibility built into your budget.
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Build a savings plan

A savings plan is not complete without a spending plan. We’ll help you create a budget that frees up cash and adds more money in your pocket to enjoy life.


You don’t have to do it alone

We’re with you every step of the way. We care about achieving your financial goals as much as you do, which is why a money expert is only ever a phone call away.
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Bec & Jarrad | Clients since 2016

New to budgeting?

  • Define your long-term financial goals
  • Create a tailored budget that helps you manage your money without compromising your lifestyle
  • Build emergency savings to protect you against unexpected expenses
  • Have peace of mind, with more time to spend on the more important things in life.
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“We didn’t realise our money could be managed that much better than how we were doing it. One thing we didn’t realise when we joined MyBudget was just how much time it was going to save us. It takes a long time to pay bills and manage your money and MyBudget just does it all for us, so we’ve saved so much time.”
Bec & JarradClients since 2016
We’ve been using MyBudget for over 4 years now and this is our 3rd time back. The customer service team are polite and professional. We never feel alone and always supported. We are debt free and saving for a house deposit. If you feel the mountain is too high to climb alone, contact MyBudget. You won’t be disappointed!
DaniMyBudget client
We were so stressed mentally and financially and MyBudget took that away. We are now stress free. The bills are being paid on time. We have savings. Can’t thank MyBudget enough.
CatherineClient since 2019

Immediately took the stress of my financial situation and turned into excitement.

JamesClient since 2023

Personal budgeting FAQs

What budgeting services and solutions does MyBudget offer?

We do all the work so you don’t have to worry. Our dedicated team will set up your MyBudget account where all of your bills, savings and payments are managed for you. We do the heavy lifting that relieves money worries. Using income deposited into your MyBudget account, we pay your bills, set aside savings, and automate your finances so you can achieve your financial goals.

What makes MyBudget different?

MyBudget is a powerful and worry-free way to manage your money. MyBudget’s budgeting and payment platform maps out the future of your money. Your budget stays on track because your bills, savings and financial goals are automated and managed within one powerful platform. You have all the benefits of visibility, structure, automation and control in the convenience of an app, plus the support of our money experts.

What can I expect at a FREE MyBudget appointment?

Your MyBudget journey begins with an initial conversation with one of our money experts. They will chat to you about your financial position and gain an understanding of the financial goals you want to achieve. Once we have this snapshot, we will connect you with your very own Personal Budgeting Specialist. We can arrange a time convenient to you (and your partner where relevant). At that session we create a complete picture of your 12-month budget plan that is yours to keep for FREE! This budget plan provides you with a detailed understanding of how, together with the support of MyBudget, you can live a life free from money worries and achieve your financial goals.

Do I qualify for MyBudget services?

Our clients come from all walks of life. From young to old, casual workers to CEOs, from people on government benefits to those with six-figure salaries. The requirements are that you have a regular and reliable income that is paid into a bank account. You will need to meet minimum income and serviceability thresholds. During the initial chat, we will ask you some questions about your financial situation to assess your eligibility.

How much does MyBudget cost?

Your first appointment with MyBudget is free. If you decide to join, your fees will depend on the complexity of your financial situation and the level of support you need. Our mission is to improve financial wellbeing, so our fees are designed to be an affordable investment towards helping you achieve your financial goals.

Does MyBudget provide financial advice?

MyBudget is a budgeting, debt solutions, and money management service. We provide a range of structure and support services associated with managing your personal expenses. While we do hold an Australian Financial Services Licence (AFSL) and Australian Credit Licence (ACL), we are not financial advisors and offer general financial advice only. For personal financial advice or financial product recommendations, we recommend you seek the services of a licensed financial advisor.

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