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What can you do if your mortgage gets behind?

... financial pinch. There's Christmas to pay for, summer holidays and extra ... can you do if your mortgage gets behind?" ... financial pinch. There's Christmas to pay for, summer holidays and extra ... to act quickly. Lenders often issue default notices after mortgage payments have ...

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Home loan rate cuts: how to budget the savings

... their customers. For the average mortgage holder, the saving represents around ... ... mortgage (see below.) Want to pay off your mortgage faster? If you keep paying ... emergency funds while paying off your mortgage more quickly. A mortgage offset facility is ...

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The best of times, the worst of times

In all my years of experience helping people get on top of their finances, I've come to understand that no two situations are ever exactly the same, which is why there ... really cared.” To pay down her debt as quickly as possible, Alysa ... that she would qualify for mortgage refinancing. In the process, Alysa ...

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First home buyers get into further debt

... debt on top of their mortgage in the last two years ... ... target borrowers who have mortgages and you'll quickly find yourself on multiple ... minimum repayment required on your mortgage. Consistently paying even small amounts above ...

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Manage good debt, minimise bad debt

... a home rely on a mortgage to be able to do ... ... values in Australia have made mortgages a good long-term investment. You ... antique or collectable items—will quickly lose value. With bad debt ...

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Struggling with credit card debt? Some of your options.

Are you struggling with credit card debt? Are you thinking about a debt consolidation loan or a credit card balance transfer? Both options come with pros and cons. Let ... the interest rate on your mortgage is very likely lower than ... to reducing your debt as quickly as possible.

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On the fast track to savings

Tony and his wife, Rhonda, are both in their forties. They've been married for 25 years and have a 17 year old daughter, Alexandra. Tony works as a customer service manager ... and Rhonda have an affordable mortgage and a small amount of ... credit card debt which they're paying off quickly, but they've been disappointed ...

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Mortgage stress rising. Rent or buy?

... ) about the rising rate of mortgage stress in Australia. The dream ... are being crippled by their mortgage payments. Home ownership has become . ... we have perfect conditions for mortgage stress. Lifelong renting is considered ... landlords, Alex and Ros, pay a mortgage of around $1000 per week. ...

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Big changes, big savings

At MyBudget we make a point of reminding our clients that little changes to their spending habits turn into big savings over time. If you stop buying your lunch and start ... budget. One of our clients quickly paid off a large credit card ... save money in rent or mortgage payments, but smaller accommodations also ...

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Making sense of the banks’ mumbo jumbo

Want to get a home loan? Confused by all the different mortgage products? Here's a handy translation guide for making sense of the banks' mumbo jumbo. ... any extra money you pay off your mortgage. It's like an offset ... , debt consolidation and loans for mortgage or business with flexible terms ...

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Making sense of mortgage jargon (part 1)

... ? Nope. Both are examples of mortgage jargon used by banks and ... ... behind or they default (stop paying). LMI protects the lender; it ... , debt consolidation and loans for mortgage or business with flexible terms ...

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RBA interest rate cut: what does it mean for you?

Yesterday, the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) cut the official interest rate by 0.25% to 3.0%. What does that mean for you and what will interest rates look like in ... securitisations. However, the cost of paying higher interest on savings has ... MyBudget clients home loan refinancing, mortgages, and car loans with flexible ...

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Struggling with mortgage payments? Not saving?

... ING … Continue reading "Struggling with mortgage payments? Not saving?" ... household expenses (food, car, petrol, mortgage, bills, entertainment, debts, clothing, lunch ... and pay your bills in that order. Talk to your mortgage lender ...

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Too many bills, not enough money

... as much to people in paid employment … Continue reading "Too many ... ... you pay first: your car insurance or mortgage? How will you pay for ... often issue default notices after mortgage payments have been missed for ...

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The Hidden Costs of Buying a Home — Revealed!

When it comes to buying a house, the deposit is just the beginning. Legal fees, stamp duty, bank and insurance charges, not to mention moving costs, can all add up to ... their risk. Canstar explains, “Lender's Mortgage Insurance is a condition of ... it easier to save regularly. Pay off any existing debts Given ...

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Blindsided by unexpected debt

Sometimes money troubles happen when you least expect them. Everything seems to be going along just fine then the car breaks down, a relationship falls apart or someone ... our commitments on pay day. On pay day we pay our bills, do ... out of nowhere and accumulate quickly. It also highlights that tackling ...

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Stop wasting money on wasted food

I hate the sight of brown bananas in my fruit bowl or slimy, limp lettuce in the crisper drawer. It makes me feel like I didn't meal plan properly, and food is too expensive ... the gas they ripen more quickly. Some fruits produce more ethylene ... your other fruit to ripen quickly). Some of the worse culprits ...

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Drive down car costs

Over the last few years, motoring associations across the country have reported that the cost of owning a car is skyrocketing. After factoring in petrol, interest charges ... time. New cars depreciate very quickly. In fact, they lose 20 ... is no residual balance to pay. Leasing repayments are usually lower ...

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Banks relax lending rules for renters who want to buy

In December 2010, BankSA announced that it would follow St George's lead in allowing potential borrowers to use their history of rental payments as evidence of their ... first home owners who are paying inflated rental prices. Critics argue ... and conveyancing fees, bank fees, mortgage insurance (if applicable), moving costs ...

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Christmas budget checklist

... , but other expenses add up quickly, too, even if … Continue reading ... ... , but other expenses add up quickly, too, even if you plan ... might see a drop in pay due to a Christmas shutdown ...

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Riding the MyBudget bus to retirement

Two of our valued clients, Bob and Judy, have given us permission to share their wonderful story with you. Bob and Judy joined MyBudget in 2007 because, in Bob's words ... but Bob and Judy's mortgage is paid off and they've planned their ... Aside from our mortgage, all our bills are paid off and we've ...

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