applying for bankruptcy

Understanding insolvency (bankruptcy and Part IX debt agreements)

Personal insolvency has been rising in recent ... 't service their repayments, and bankruptcy or a formal debt agreement ... the … Continue reading ... a little time to explain personal insolvency. Understanding personal insolvency 'Insolvent' describes a person ... permanent record of your bankruptcy on the National Personal Insolvency Index and it ...

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Life after bankruptcy—an interview with Girl Bankrupted

"My first full day of bankruptcy was surreal. I didn't feel ... I … Continue reading "Life after bankruptcy-an interview with Girl Bankrupted ... nowhere to go.” -Girl Bankrupted Throughout bankruptcy, Girl Bankrupted was especially lucky to ... : So, Girl Bankrupted, how is life after bankruptcy? Girl Bankrupted: It's good! I ...

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How to get a default removed from your credit file

After writing a post about how to check your credit report, I got a number of questions from people including is credit repair possible? And can default listings and ... consumer credit payments; Any personal insolvencies, which includes bankruptcy and formal debt agreements ...

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10% discount on tax services + answers for free!

It's nearly tax time and, after the Federal Budget, I imagine that a lot of people are going to have tax questions. Here are some ways to get tax advice for free or at ... , but they generally don’t apply penalties until you've been warned. ... during that time returned from bankruptcy as well as travelled overseas ...

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Suzanne Isbester: 10 years with the MyBudget family

This week's blog is dedicated to Suzanne Isbester, MyBudget's first employee to celebrate 10 years of service with the company. In recognition of this special milestone ... and today she is a personal insolvency specialist. “I love helping people ...

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MyBudget Scholarships – applications open now

MyBudget is excited to announce a scholarship program designed to give three clients a lucky break. The combined prize pool is valued at $5,000. You could be one of ... to get one! How to apply Share your story with us ... those considerations stop you from applying. But do make sure you ...

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HomesVic – Helping Victorian’s Get Homes

As rent prices keep climbing, it can be difficult for Victorian renters to save for a house deposit. The Victorian Government has recently launched the HomesVic scheme ... 5% deposit. Eligibility will also apply to applicants with incomes of ... or families. Some income restrictions apply. Visit HomesVic to find out ...

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Interest-free finance: how it really works

We'll soon start to see mid-year sales pop up. If you've been saving for something special, the sales might be a good time to go shopping. But retailers will also try ... your approved credit limit. To apply for interest-free finance, you complete ... interest rate and charges that apply when the interest-free period ends. ...

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Lauren Clarke: leading by caring

When Tammy May reflects on MyBudget's rapid growth over the last decade, she says that staff have been one of the key ingredients. "When I launched MyBudget, I knew we ... Manager's Assistant, then as a Bankruptcy Officer and Quality Control Officer. ...

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The Santa factor: Managing kids' Christmas expectations

It was coming up to Christmas and my son Seth, then six, was looking through a toy catalogue that came in a pile of junk mail. He was picking out all the things he wanted ... , but the one-kid-one-gift-from-FC policy alleviates applying the magical Santa factor to ...

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Habitat for Humanity – Home Building Program

Safe and affordable housing is a basic requirement of life, yet over a million Australian households experience housing stress. Fortunately, one charity group is doing ... 1800 885 599. Interested in applying for a Habitat for Humanity ...

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The best of times, the worst of times

In all my years of experience helping people get on top of their finances, I've come to understand that no two situations are ever exactly the same, which is why there ... about it, so I started applying for finance jobs.” That was ...

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5 dangers of balance transfers

When you're drowning in credit card debt, a 0% balance transfer can feel like a lifeline. And sometimes it is. But there are also lots of people who find themselves even ... The introductory rate usually only applies to the balance transfer. Any ... card issuer may decide to apply your monthly repayments to your ...

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Tax changes 2013

There have been a number of important changes to the tax code this year. To walk us through a few of them, MoneyTalks spoke with Frank Brass, regional director at H&R ... cheque. An additional fee may apply. Q: What are the changes ... Part A. This change also applies to the Double Orphan Pension. ...

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10 ways to reduce your winter heating bill

Is the thought of your winter heating bills giving you chills? The average Australian household spends 40 per cent of their power bills on heating and cooling, plus 21 ... start around $10 plus shipping. Apply the plastic film in winter ...

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Your Easter reading list

Looking for a good book to read over Easter? Here are three, easy-reading classics for your personal finance library. ... United States, but the principles apply equally to Australia and provide ...

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10 last-minute, low-cost Halloween costumes

Will your kids be celebrating Halloween on Friday? Like everything else American, I guess it was inevitable that the combination of costumes and lollies (or should I ... one of Grandma's frocks and apply powder for grey hair (no ...

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Making sense of the banks’ mumbo jumbo

Want to get a home loan? Confused by all the different mortgage products? Here's a handy translation guide for making sense of the banks' mumbo jumbo. ... any time without having to apply for it. As with an ...

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The dog ate my budget: cut pet care costs

It's a a good time of the year to talk about the cost of pet ownership. As Christmas approaches, many people will be thinking about adopting a furry friend. Before you ... benefits of good dental health apply to all toothed animals, including ...

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