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reduce debt

Everyday life is complex enough, let alone having to deal with the added burden of managing debt. Money troubles can cause stress which in turn, may put relationships under strain, impact work performance - even lead to serious health problems.

That's why it's important to have a flexible budget with a debt management plan that allows you to address any issues quickly. It's not just about taking control of your money and reducing debt; it's about enjoying life again.

Imagine putting a stop to calls from debt collectors, no more sleepless nights thinking about bills or fighting with your loved ones over your finances. A debt reduction plan can make this a reality.

At MyBudget, we start a savings plan for every client. This gets you on track to breaking that cycle of living on credit, paying off debts and having a safety net to fall back on.

Since 1999, we've helped over 65,000 Australians live their lives, free from money worries. Book your free consultation today and find out how we could help you.

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Debt Management - Your Options

There's more than one way to get out of debt

Debt Consolidation Loan
May lower your total repayments by combining multiple debts into a single loan.
Refinancing your home loan may allow you to pay out your credit card and personal loans under your mortgage. Instead of paying off multiple debts, you pay off all of your debts with one home loan repayment each month.
Pay Your Way Out of Debt
It may be possible to pay your way out of debt using your existing income and without compromising your credit rating or needing new loans.