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MyBudget has helped more than 130,000+ Australians achieve their financial goals and you can too with our FREE 1-month trial!

You don’t have to do it alone

We’re with you every step of the way. We care about your budget as much as you do, which is why a money expert is only ever a phone call or email away.

No more stress and uncertainty

When you budget with us, all of your expenses and savings are planned 12 months in advance to show exactly how your goals and money are tracking.

Frees up time and energy

Our money experts and automated money management system does all the work that keeps your budget on track. This frees up your time for more living.

Designed around your lifestyle

We help to build a budget to support the lifestyle you desire. Holidays, house deposit, date nights and more are all part of the budgeting for the life you want.

Strengthen your safety net

Every budget we design includes a savings safety net. Enjoy the peace of mind of having savings in the bank and flexibility built into your budget.

More cash in your pocket

A savings plan is not complete without a spending plan. We’ll help you create a budget that frees up cash, always leaving enough money for living.

Client success stories

“Good listeners. No fuss and easy to set up. Always available to talk too. I am achieving my goals even faster than I expected. Thank you MyBudget and your caring team.”
DebraJoined Nov 2019

“They are amazing with budgeting and up to a year in advance so you know what your future looks like and where to slow down. I honestly never stress over money anymore.”
KimJoined Jun 2020

“MyBudget has helped me manage and budget my money a year in advance. The staff are brilliant and genuinely want you to get ahead financially in life.”
Mike BJoined Sep 2021

“I just love my budget. They have not only helped me to finance all of my bills but they have even allowed me to create a savings surplus.”
CarolynJoined Sep 2021

“MyBudget has been instrumental in helping us get into our first home, and continue to kick goals without causing us issues”
Anna CJoined Sep 2021

“It’s easy! And knowing our money is being put towards bills and savings is so rewarding! We still get to live our normal lives and bills are being payed! I love it and never want to be without it!”
TaraJoined Jun 2021

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Terms and Conditions
Exclusive Friend Offer
  • The Exclusive Friend Offer is available to friends and family of existing MyBudget clients that are referred to MyBudget.
  • Upon completion of your Initial Budget Appointment, and provided that you meet MyBudget’s Eligibility Criteria, your MyBudget 1 Month Free Period will start on your Budget Start Date.
  • The Exclusive Friend Offer does not guarantee that you will meet MyBudget’s Eligibility Criteria.
  • Receiving your MyBudget 1 Month Free Period is subject to you:
    • presenting a valid Referral Code to MyBudget during the sign-up process; and
    • meeting MyBudget’s Eligibility Criteria.
  • At the end of your MyBudget 1 Month Free Period, MyBudget’s Standard Fees will become payable.
  • You will not receive a notification that your MyBudget 1 Month Free Period is about to end or has ended, or that your Standard Fees have begun.
  • “Budget Start Date” refers to the date your income is first received into your Budget.
  • “MyBudget” refers to MyBudget Pty Ltd ABN 82 093 118 597.
  • “MyBudget 1 Month Free Period” refers to a period of 30 days during which you will not be charged MyBudget’s Standard Fees, beginning on your Budget Start Date.
  • “MyBudget’s Eligibility Criteria” refers to the minimum requirements you must meet in order to be eligible for MyBudget’s Service.
  • “MyBudget’s Standard Fees” refers to MyBudget’s Establishment Fee (for establishing a budget), and MyBudget’s Administration Fee (for ongoing administration of a budget) as outlined in your Budget Plan. This explicitly excludes any applicable extra charges associated with MyBudget’s auxiliary services, such as Creditor Arrangements, Bankruptcy, Part IX Debt Agreements, or services from MyBudget Loans.
  • “Referral Code” refers to a referral code available to existing MyBudget clients for them to provide to their family and friends.
  • “You/Your” refers to an individual who is interested in the MyBudget
    1 Month Free Period.