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At MyBudget, we pay your bills on time and help you to create savings so you can achieve your financial goals faster.

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Every MyBudget journey begins with a free, no-obligation budget appointment.
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We do all the heavy lifting for you. We automate and streamline your bills, savings and manage all of your expenses for you.

Don’t just take our word for it

I have my finances under control thanks to them. Already paid of 2 credit cards and soon will have the third paid off as well. Highly recommended!

Dani CJoined May 2021
12 months on we actually have savings in the bank and not have any debts hanging over our heads. No loans, no credit cards no outstanding bills.

DenizJoined Dec 2021
MyBudget has helped us get out of debt and concentrate on the future.

Shane BrownJoined Sep 2021


Will I lose control of my finances?
No, you will gain MORE control of your finances. Our client care team is here to help, but your budget and money is always yours.

Instead of wondering where your money went, you’ll see that every dollar in your budget has a job. It’s this structure that keeps your spending habits and savings on track, and frees you up to achieve your financial goals.

With the MyBudget mobile and desktop apps, you’ll have a clear view of your historical and future payments. Every cent is accounted for and you can see exactly how your budget and money are tracking.

What if my expenses are greater than my income?
Don’t worry – this is not an uncommon scenario. Our money expert will work with you to explore all of your options and come up with a plan to balance your budget.

For instance, we may be able to negotiate with your creditors to reduce some of your payment obligations. We may also offer suggestions about tailoring your expenses.

Our money experts will know what sorts of terms and arrangements are achievable.

What makes MyBudget different?
MyBudget is a powerful and worry-free way to manage your money. MyBudget’s budgeting and payment platform maps out the future of your money.

Your budget stays on track because your bills, savings and financial goals are automated and managed within one powerful platform. You have all the benefits of visibility, structure, automation and control in the convenience of an app, plus the award-winning support of our budgeting experts.

MyBudget is the proven approach to help you reduce and manage debt, save faster and budget for your best life.

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