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Debt solutions

  • Fast debt relief – Eliminate debt once and for all
  • No more debt collectors or demands – We talk to your creditors for you
  • Caring and confidential support – We do all the heavy lifting
  • Get a customised and affordable debt plan – We help you stay on track

Free yourself from money worries

MyBudget’s money experts provide information and advice to help you find a way forward. It’s about becoming debt free faster.

Get the debt help you need with a FREE, no obligation consultation.

Take control of your debt

Reduce your debt fast and affordably with clear visibility and control over your money.

Pay bills on time

We design a customised debt plan that provides fast debt relief and rebuilds your credit rating by paying your bills on time.

Get creditors off your back

No more phone calls and demands from creditors and debt collectors. They’ll call us instead of calling you.

Stay on track

We do the work that keeps your debt plan on track. Your budget is automated and our money experts are always on hand to help.

We’re not like other debt service companies

  • We offer a range of debt solutions and design a fully customised strategy
  • Our experts do all the work that relieves debt stress fast including talking with your creditors
  • Pay off your debt sooner with the support of caring money management and an automated system
  • Experience more freedom and more options with FREE access to MyBudget Loans

The majority of MyBudget clients pay off 90% of their unsecured debts in just over 3 years

These are the ways we can help you get out of debt.
Informal debt arrangements

We can make informal debt agreements on your behalf with payment terms that are more affordable for you.

Insolvency agreements

We can administer a Part IX Debt Agreement for you that combines multiple debts into a single agreement.

Pay your way out of debt

Through budgeting, you may be able to pay your way out of debt without needing new loans or credit cards.

Debt consolidation

We can help you explore your debt consolidation options. Save money by combining multiple debts into a single loan.

Credit Score

We can help improve your credit score with a budget plan that keeps you on track with your credit and loan payments. On-time payments are a key step in improving your credit score.


We will help you explore all of your options and if needed, we can help to administer your bankruptcy petition.

Our clients love us!

We have been with MyBudget over 10 years, when we joined them we were in debt with 2 credit cards at its maximum and never able to afford a holiday. Within 12 months we were debt free.”


Free yourself from money worries