How much

does MyBudget cost?

Nothing, $0, zilch for your free consultation and budget plan

A budgeting expert will examine your financial position in detail during a free ($0!), no obligation consultation and present a comprehensive plan that outlines your options to clear debt, start saving and achieve your financial goals.

There’s absolutely no obligation and the customised plan we create is yours to keep for free at the end of the consultation – regardless of whether you become a client or not. What have you got to lose?

How much is financial stress or debt costing you?

Sleepless nights? Relationship tension? Foregoing the fun in life? Late fees and interest? Our fees may be a small price to pay for peace of mind.

Our fees are designed to be affordable. After all, we're here to improve your financial position, not make it worse.

Think about it like this...

The average Australian pays roughly $700 in interest on their credit card each year if their interest rate is between 15 to 20%. And that’s your credit card debt alone! If you’re making the minimum repayments on a $4,400 credit card debt, it will take you roughly 31 years to pay it off at a cost of around $14,900 in interest!*

We charge an initial set up fee and ongoing administration fee. However these are budgeted into your plan and spread out over time – so no need to pay upfront. Our fees are a fraction of what you could pay in interest and late fees over the lifetime of your debts.

*ASIC, August 2016

How do I know what the fees will be?

Our fees vary depending on the complexity of your situation and are clearly outlined in your budget. During your initial consultation, our personal budgeting specialist will be able to inform you what fee would apply to manage your finances and show you how this would easily fit into your budget.

Great value for money

"The fees at MyBudget are really minimal. They're great value for money and it has allowed me to get my life back. You can't put a price on that
." - Dan, MyBudget client

You have peace of mind that your financial situation is being managed by specialists. The benefits are not just financial. Many of our clients report that they begin to feel less stressed and worried about their finances as they see what we are able to do for them and how they are progressing towards their goals.


No long-term contracts

There are no long-term contracts at MyBudget.

Our clients choose to stay with us because they're exceptionally satisfied with our service and excited to be paying off their debt and achieving their financial goals.


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