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Women in tech in Australia: fostering the advancement of women in technological innovation

If asked to name two or three influential tech giant leaders of our time, who comes to mind? Elon Musk? Bill Gates? Mark Zuckerberg? Steve Jobs? Jeff Bezos? Not a woman among them. That’s why, at the next Women In Tech networking event in Adelaide, the conversation is being turned on South Australian women in the tech industry. Come, meet, interact and delve into a lively conversation about, among other things, the importance of shining a spotlight on the importance of female role models within technological innovation.

Why talking about women in tech matters

In a male-dominated industry, the existence of a tech team where 50 percent of roles are filled by women is a genuine anomaly. Addressing the gender inequalities within the tech sector is not only great for women, it’s great for business, especially in financial services where the banking system has traditionally focused on masculine models of transactional money management.

Series of conversations have recently come about regarding the role of Australian women in technology and morphed into a public networking event. Expectations were low, but the inaugural event was jam-packed! Fortunately, the standing-room-only didn’t deter from what has now become an event series that is relished amongst a diverse cross section of the Australian business community.

The next Women in Tech event

Following on, the next Women in Tech event will continue to capitalise on the momentum from those prior. The evening will be a lively dive into the value of diversity in tech innovation, explored through the experience of a panel of top male and female role models in tech leadership.

What: Women In Technology

When: 5:00-7:30 pm ACDT, Thursday 20 October 2022

Where: MyBudget HQ, 122 Frome St, Adelaide

RSVP: Grab your free ticket over on Eventbrite

The panel of experts include:

  • Brooke Hall-Carney, a technologist and lawyer at LK Law with a plethora of experience as a commercial litigator, solving disputes in relation to cyber risk and data breaches, and;
  • Libby Day, current Chief Executive Officer of Australia Medic Alert Foundation, and advocate of bridging the gap between healthcare and technology.

More panelists will be announced soon!

The evening will be a wonderful opportunity to meet, talk and network with some of the most influential people within the tech workforce right here in Adelaide. To reserve your spot, head over and register on Eventbrite.

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