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What Mum really wants this Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is the second Sunday in May and it’s not too late to plan a great gift for the leading lady in your life. Via MyBudget’s Instagram Story, we asked mums to tell us exactly what they want from their kids and partners this Sunday. We got some great responses, which we’re pleased to share in this article. 

Give the gift of time

what mum really wants this mother’s day
what mum really wants this mother’s day
what mum really wants this mother’s day

I think we all agree that mums are the best multi-taskers in the world. Their jobs are endless and include everything from being an accountant to housekeeper, to cook, driver, cleaner, chief bottle washer and so on. 

Give Mum the gift of time this Sunday by taking some tasks off her plate, such as:

  • Wash, dry, fold and put away the whole family’s washing
  • Sweep and mop the floors
  • Clean all the mirrors and windows in the house
  • Organise and tidy the kitchen and pantry
  • Give the house a good vacuum and tidy
  • Declutter your bedroom by donating unwanted items to charity

Time spent together as a family is also a great gift but make it a little more memorable than the usual “hanging out” you do on a normal weekend. How about a mini-getaway (check out Airbnb for accommodation within your budget)? Or a drive to a picnic spot in the country? For nature-loving mums, a day in the great outdoors can be just what the doctor ordered. Your options might include mountain biking, bushwalking, or a family-friendly adventure kayak tour.

Give the gift of thoughtfulness

what mum really wants this mother’s day
what mum really wants this mother’s day
what mum really wants this mother’s day

Choosing the perfect gift for your mum might come down to how well you pay attention to her hobbies and interests. What does she like to do when she finally has a moment to herself? Does she read books? Watch Netflix? What does she enjoy doing on the weekend?  Gardening? Catching up over coffee with her girlfriends? Going to yoga? Once you start noticing the things Mum likes (or she may just tell you outright), it becomes easier to get her a thoughtful gift because you know it’s something she’ll use and love.

Here are some thoughtful gift ideas:

  • An audiobook subscription. Services like Audible are usually free for the first 30 days, and then charge $16.45 monthly for any audiobook title, which in most cases, is cheaper than buying those books outright. Mum will also get a free credit each month with that subscription.
  • A “keep” cup and gift voucher from her favourite coffee place. Keep cups save the environment by reducing takeaway coffee cups going into landfill and most cafes give you a small discount for bringing your own cup. Win-win!
  • A homemade gift from the heart. The kids will have a lot of fun being involved with this one and gives it a special touch that mothers genuinely appreciate. Here are five ideas to try.

Give the gift of peace

what mum really wants this mother’s day
what mum really wants this mother’s day
what mum really wants this mother’s day

The hustle and bustle of family life can be overwhelming, especially for busy mums and busy households. Mother’s Day is a good opportunity to talk with your children about putting extra effort into playing nicely and giving Mum some quiet time.

Here are some more “gift of peace” ideas:

  • Treat Mum to breakfast in bed after a nice sleep-in—and then quietly wash and put away the dishes.
  • Give your mum “alone time” in the bathroom. This sounds obvious, but having privacy in the bathroom is something that mums often miss.  Give her enough time for a slow, relaxing bath, which you can make even more special with essential oils, candles, her favourite music playing (and a locked door).
  • Spend the morning together with the kids with some fun activities and then send them over to the grandparents’ so Mum can have a carefree day where you can take her out and spoil her. 

Mums appreciate more than anyone that special occasions, such as Mother’s Day, require planning and budgeting. The best gifts, therefore, are not only thoughtful but affordable. 

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