Personal Loan Calculator

Personal loan calculator

Are you looking for a car loan, debt consolidation loan, equipment loan or other type of personal loan? Use this calculator to estimate your repayments and see how much interest is payable over time.

With the car loan calculator, you can also see how much money you could save by making extra repayments. A few simple changes to your budget could save you thousands and years of the term of your loan.

There’s no better motivation to pay down your debts faster than seeing the thousands of dollars you could save and years you could cut off your loan by making a few simple changes to your budget.

Want to know more about budgeting and how to own your own home sooner? You’ll find loads of handy tips in our Money Tools section.


“We tried talking to the banks about debt consolidation loans, but no one was coming forward with any assistance … We decided to call MyBudget and the weight was lifted. We walked out of the MyBudget office smiling.” 


Debbie and Allen, MyBudget clients

To use the Personal Loan Calculator, enter the following information:

  • Choose the loan purpose (car, personal, debt consolidation or equipment finance)
  • Loan amount (how much you want to borrow)
  • Loan term (total time to repay your loan)
  • Repayment frequency (weekly, fortnightly or monthly)
  • Indicative annual interest rate (used to calculate interest charges against your loan balance)
  • Extra amounts you wish to make with every repayment (car loan only)