Our mission to help people doesn't stop at the office

We're passionate about improving financial health in the community, and that's why you'll find MyBudget staff volunteering, fundraising, and getting involved in community issues.

MyBudget has a range of unique knowledge and skills, developed through our day-to-day business. We want to improve the financial health of the community, and so we look for opportunities to use this unique capability to give back.

MyBudget and its employees support a range of charities and community events through fundraising, value-in-kind partnerships and other supportive programs.

If you represent or know of a community organisation that would benefit from our unique capabilities, please let us know. We love to find new ways to use our strengths to improve the financial health of the world. For more information, please email:

Examples of community-focused programs at MyBudget include:

  • MyBudget's outreach activities

    MyBudget employees present to community groups and organisations about financial responsibility. We can share our knowledge about budgeting best practices, and how to help others with their budgeting needs.

  • Support when its needed

    When events impact our community, MyBudget quickly responds to assist. We've raised money in the wake of recent events in order to provide immediate support for those in dire and immediate need.

  • Casual for a cause

    Our 'Casual for a Cause' days sees staff wearing casual clothes for a day to raise funds for a chosen charity. Our staff members are highly engaged in the choice and delivery of our community activities.

  • Use our strengths

    Typically, we'd prefer to use our unique strengths to offer help that other organisations can't. Budgeting, financial fitness and understanding money matters are what we do best. Ask us how we can help.