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Managing money can get messy without help

To live a full and satisfying life, you have to stay on top of a lot.
Your home loan or rent payments, insurance payments, utility bills, car payments, the petrol that keeps the car going. Your kids’ school fees, their medical bills. Credit card payments. The list can go forever.
If you don't have good visibility and control of your money, you can easily lose sight of what’s happening to it.

Without clarity, you can fall into the trap of spending more than you have.
Before you know it, you could get caught in a debt cycle where you’re charged more interest than you can keep up with.
In fact, managing money well helps your life work out the way you want.

Good money management makes sure you always have money for:

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    Income changes

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    The birth of a child

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Why is money management so important?

Life is interesting, fun and exciting. But its ups and downs can be intense.
One minute, life can be going perfectly as planned. The next minute, a life changing event can turn everything upside down.

You may have experienced:

Becoming sick or getting injured

Unexpectedly losing your job through

A relationship breakdown or separation

A career change to a new role

A reduction in your income or cashflow

Birth of a child or addition to the family

Your retirement from employment

How to manage your money better

To manage your money better, you need an in-depth understanding of your financial situation and spending habits.
To achieve this understanding you need a budget. In fact, budgeting is the cornerstone of managing your money.
Budgeting gives clarity. It can show you where your money is going, how much you’re spending and a vision of your financial future.


With a strong budget, you can manage your finances more effectively to:

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    Set aside money for savings

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    Improve your financial position

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    Always make ends meet

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    Stop worrying about money

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    Get ahead of your bills

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    Be at peace with friends and family


We meet for a friendly chat

We take some time to meet with you and talk about what you spend your money on. We take into account your income and expenses over a 12-month period.
We discuss your short and long-term financial goals.
We talk about what you want your future to be and how managing your money better can help you get there.


We take a closer look at your numbers

By talking about your expenses and looking more deeply at your situation, we’ll help you see how you can manage your money better and get closer to your financial goals sooner.


We help you create a money management strategy

While considering the details we have discussed, we’ll help you create a money management strategy.
This is a strategy that will help you enjoy the high points of life to their fullest, and also to cope better with the low points.

We’ll also help you stay true to your money management plan

Life can be tiring and stressful, full of competing priorities. These priorities can leave you feeling like you’re being torn in every direction.

Without the right visibility and support, holding yourself accountable to a money management plan all by yourself can be daunting.

We’re here to help you manage your money so you can achieve your financial goals sooner.

Many people who try to manage their personal finances through budgeting will often say that it doesn’t work. This is because the budgets they create are only short-term plans. They don’t take into account income and expense fluctuations over a lengthier period of time.
With MyBudget, you get an expert, objective eye.
We’ll help you see the angles you haven’t thought of. With this insight, you’ll be able to explore your financial options at depth to manage your money, prioritise bills and save more sooner, rather than later.

We can:

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    Set aside your money for day-to-day living expenses

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    Organise your money into sub-accounts for special events or projects

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    Prioritise your debt and bill payments

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    Pay your bills on your behalf using your income

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    Provide future savings projections

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    Give you full visibility of your finances 24/7

Manage your money better with a personal budget

There are SO many benefits to better money management, and we're here to help!


You can download our free personal budget template to get yourself started, or book in a free no-obligation phone consultation where we can work through a 12-month budget plan to suit your needs.


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