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Understanding insolvency (bankruptcy and Part IX debt agreements)

Personal insolvency has been rising in recent ... like the … Continue reading "Understanding insolvency (bankruptcy and Part IX debt ... ... known as Insolvency and Trustee Service Australia - ITSA). AFSA administers bankruptcies ... team that specialises in administering insolvency petitions. Our insolvency specialists can relieve your ...

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Debt agreement ads: investigation exposes fox in sheep's clothes

The Consumer Action Law Centre has investigated the web advertising of some Australia's most high profile debt agreement administrators and found that many of their claims ... without the severe consequences of insolvency and legally binding agreements. We ... and MyBudget is licensed to administer debt agreements for those who ...

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Life after bankruptcy—an interview with Girl Bankrupted

"My first full day of bankruptcy was surreal. I didn't feel any different but I had a sense that somewhere, somehow, the machinations of the world outside were groaning ... remaining 95 per cent avoid insolvency and its far-reaching consequences through ... lots of companies that promote insolvency services, but very few sources ...

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Suzanne Isbester: 10 years with the MyBudget family

This week's blog is dedicated to Suzanne Isbester, MyBudget's first employee to celebrate 10 years of service with the company. In recognition of this special milestone ... today she is a personal insolvency specialist. “I love helping people ...

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How to get a default removed from your credit file

After writing a post about how to check your credit report, I got a number of questions from people including is credit repair possible? And can default listings and ... consumer credit payments; Any personal insolvencies, which includes bankruptcy and formal ...

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