alternatives to bankruptcy

Understanding insolvency (bankruptcy and Part IX debt agreements)

Personal insolvency has been rising in recent ... can't service their repayments, and bankruptcy or a formal debt agreement ... the … Continue ... permanent record of your bankruptcy on the National Personal Insolvency Index and it ... clients investigate all of their alternatives so that they can make ...

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Life after bankruptcy—an interview with Girl Bankrupted

"My first full day of bankruptcy was surreal. I didn't feel ... I … Continue reading "Life after bankruptcy-an interview with Girl Bankrupted ... nowhere to go.” -Girl Bankrupted Throughout bankruptcy, Girl Bankrupted was especially lucky to ... : So, Girl Bankrupted, how is life after bankruptcy? Girl Bankrupted: It's good! I ...

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How to get a default removed from your credit file

After writing a post about how to check your credit report, I got a number of questions from people including is credit repair possible? And can default listings and ... consumer credit payments; Any personal insolvencies, which includes bankruptcy and formal debt agreements ...

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Suzanne Isbester: 10 years with the MyBudget family

This week's blog is dedicated to Suzanne Isbester, MyBudget's first employee to celebrate 10 years of service with the company. In recognition of this special milestone ... and today she is a personal insolvency specialist. “I love helping people ...

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Cheap speed

... is there a safe, cost-wise alternative to buying a fast car ... ... is there a safe, cost-wise alternative to buying a fast car ...

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10% discount on tax services + answers for free!

It's nearly tax time and, after the Federal Budget, I imagine that a lot of people are going to have tax questions. Here are some ways to get tax advice for free or at ... during that time returned from bankruptcy as well as travelled overseas ...

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Lauren Clarke: leading by caring

When Tammy May reflects on MyBudget's rapid growth over the last decade, she says that staff have been one of the key ingredients. "When I launched MyBudget, I knew we ... Manager's Assistant, then as a Bankruptcy Officer and Quality Control Officer. ...

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Turbo boost your budget

Do you need to boost your budget in a big way? I usually focus on small budget changes that add up into big savings over time. But sometimes small changes aren't enough ... isn't possible, downsizing is an alternative. Perhaps you could perhaps sell ...

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Festive fluff

Merry Christmas everybody! From my family to yours, I wish you a wonderful day for tomorrow spent with the people who matter most to you. Whether you celebrate Christmas ... from the internet. Looking for alternative Christmas music? Try—a ...

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Protect your mobile gadgets

So, I'm sitting on the couch with my kids and they're both playing with their iPods. I'm simultaneously working on my laptop and browsing Facebook on my phone. There ... naked eye) or tape an alternative contact number to it. If ...

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Motor racing on a budget

I went to watch the V8 Supercars at the Clipsal 500 again this year. What a great weekend. There's something exhilarating about the union of humans and high performance ... as a safe and affordable alternative to fast cars. According to ...

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Are solar panels a good investment?

With electricity prices continuing to rise, more and more people are wondering if solar panels are worth the investment. Choice has published a free five-page online ... invest in solar panels, an alternative is to buy renewable energy ...

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Too many bills, not enough money

This article appears in issue 3 of Samara Magazine, a free online magazine for women business owners and entrepreneurs. Helping people to succeed and achieve their life ... be able to propose an alternative payment plan. Most creditors are ...

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Shocked by your power bill? What you can do.

The Advertiser reported on the weekend that by 2014 the cost of electricity is set to increase by $702 for the average South Australian household. While SA is anticipated ... affect your ability to negotiate alternative payment arrangements in the future. ...

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Social life on a budget

Living on a budget doesn't mean living like a hermit. You don't have to stay at home and say no to social invitations. In fact, a good budget-the right budget for you ... the invitation or suggest an alternative venue. It's financially responsible to ...

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