Stop living week-to-week and start saving

Life has become so fast paced that many people have little time for managing their money, and many are living week to week. 

MyBudget has helped more than 110,000 Australians get on top of their finances through better money management.

We can help you take control of your money and start saving. 

Take Financial Control

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    Stop living week-to-week

    Have money for everyday expenses and save for life's pleasures.

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    Start saving money

    Start achieving your financial goals and reduce your reliance on credit.

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    Control spending

    Track every dollar, pay your bills on time and pay off your debts.

Frequently Asked Questions

We meet tens of thousands of people every year who are tired of working hard to just makes ends meet. Many of them tell us that they don't know where their money goes. As fast as it comes in, it goes out again and they're continually waiting for their next pay.
They have every intention of saving and trying to get ahead, but expenses keep cropping up. It's hard to save for little things, like birthdays and concert tickets, let alone big goals, such as a house deposit, a car or overseas holiday.

But until you’ve looked at your finances closely, it’s difficult to know your exact financial position. Most people who come to see us are amazed by how far their money could go when they have a budget to follow.

At MyBudget, the budget plans we design are money management plans that take a long-range view of your finances.

What would you do with the money you save? Pay down your mortgage? Top up your super? Book a holiday? How about just enjoying the feeling of security that could come with having savings to fall back on?

Personal budgeting is the cornerstone of money management and one of the few ways to help you attain the financial future you desire.
The benefits of personal budgeting include:

  • Gaining a deep understanding of your financial situation
  • Developing a safety net for rainy days and life changes
  • Creating a blueprint that maps out the path to your financial goals
  • Speeding up the rate at which you may be able to save and pay down debts

We've helped more than 110,000 people take control of their finances with our money management help.

Firstly, we genuinely care. Secondly, we're budgeting experts.

MyBudget’s mission is to reduce financial stress in the community, but we realise that every household and individual is different and thus needs a customised plan. That's why we'll look at your situation in detail and develop a tailored, flexible budgeting plan that’s designed to achieve your goals.

We also understand that the hardest part about budgeting is staying on track, which is why we offer to do the legwork for you and provide you with the structure and support you need.

On your behalf and using your income, we can look after your budget, pay your bills, set aside savings, and negotiate with your creditors, if you would like us to do so.

Balanced, budgeting help.

The first step is making a phone call to book a free budget consultation. One of our budgeting specialists will look at your financial situation and after closely examining your income, bills and other expenses, we can help you to design a customised budget plan to achieve your goals.

And there is no obligation to join. Your tailored budget plan is yours to take with you – whether you choose to become a client or not.

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