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MyBudget Loans can have your loan pre-approved so you can negotiate the purchase of your new home with confidence.

Welcome to MyBudget Loans

MyBudget Loans has been established to help clients have a home loan better suited to their financial situation. Alongside MyBudget, we dedicate ourselves to helping individuals and families improve their financial position and reach their financial goals through budget management.

There was a clear need to create a service that was able to find the right loan for their clients whilst offering the same levels of understanding and customer service that MyBudget clients had come to expect and enjoy. Out of this need, MyBudget Loans was born. MyBudget Loans, like MyBudget, is dedicated to helping you achieve a positive financial outcome that aligns with your current and future financial goals. We do this by finding the loan best suited to your individual needs.

Whether you need to refinance, are looking to buy an investment property, or are a first homebuyer, MyBudget Loans will find the loan that best works for you. We have access to hundreds of loans from over 40 different lenders.

MyBudget Loans is dedicated to excellence in customer service and will personally assist you through each step of the process, from gathering the required documentation all the way through to final settlement.

The cost? Our service to you is free. MyBudget Loans is remunerated by our panel of lenders. In fact, it costs you no more than if you approached the lender yourself. In many cases, our leverage with lenders means that it could actually cost you less.

Are You a Pepper Home Loan Customer?

First Home Loan

Buying a home is often the largest financial undertaking many people ever make. It’s important to get things right. Finding the right home is often hard enough, let alone working out which of the myriad of financial products on the market is right for you. Then there is working out how much you can borrow, how much deposit you need, and gathering the correct documentation. Let’s not forget the first homebuyer’s grant. The process can often be a daunting prospect.

MyBudget Loans will help you at every step of the way (perhaps it's better if you choose your own home, though). We will look at your financial situation now and what your goals are for the future, and find the most suitable loan for you. We will guide you through the process, from the first homebuyer’s grant, through gathering your documentation and to final settlement. Let us show you how buying your first home can be an enjoyable and rewarding process.

MyBudget Loans can have your loan pre-approved so you can negotiate the purchase of your new home with confidence. We will find the best loan for you from the hundreds available from our panel of over 40 different lenders.

Refinancing and consolidating your debts

Consolidating all of your debts into one loan can be an effective way of managing your finances. Generally, home loans have a lower interest rate than other loan types such as personal & car loans or credit cards. By rolling all of your debts into one loan you can save on interest and make only one payment. This will allow you to free up cash or pay the loan off faster.

A debt consolidation loan can be an effective debt reduction strategy if you utilise the saving in interest to service the newly consolidated debt. This is important, as often when you roll all your debts into a home loan, you may be converting unsecured debt into secured debt. Talk to MyBudget Loans and discuss the benefits and disadvantages of debt consolidation to help you determine whether it is the right strategy for you. If debt reduction is your aim then perhaps a loan is not what you need! Why would a company that provides loans make a statement like that, you ask? Well, because it is often true. We are interested in providing you with solutions that suit your financial situation, not just providing you with a financial product.

MyBudget specialises in helping people achieve their financial goals and can help you consolidate your debts without a loan. It may turn out that for your situation, a debt consolidation loan is ideal, or it may not. A consultation with a MyBudget Personal Budgeting Specialist is free and carries no obligation.

Renovating your home

MyBudget Loans arrange renovation loans for people who wish to renovate, improve or extend their existing home or investment property. Once you have plans and specifications for the work, council approvals and a fixed price builder’s contract, we can arrange the right loan for you. Payments to your builder are generally done in stages as the work is completed, which means that you only pay interest on those payments. When the work is completed you then make normal monthly repayments.

Investment loans

Many people like to invest in “bricks and mortar”. Buying an investment property is often perceived as less risky than other types of investments like stocks and shares, as property is tangible and can provide rental income, tax concessions and potential capital gain. MyBudget Loans can help you unlock the equity you have built up in your home to finance the purchase of an investment property, or enter the market with your first property!

Buying a home, paying off part of the loan and borrowing against that equity to finance the deposit for another property is a popular investment strategy. Some financial institutions will lend up to 110% of the purchase price of an investment property depending on the value of your home and how much of it you own.

MyBudget Loans will help you find the most suitable deal to buy your investment. The amount you will need for a deposit can vary depending on the financial institution, the type of loan you need and your financial situation.

Self employed

If you are self-employed and want a home loan but don't have your financial records totally up to date, MyBudget Loans can arrange a LowDoc (Low Documentation) Home Loan to save you the time and money in having to prepare financial records.

A LowDoc Home Loan is ideal for those people who are:

  • Self employed
  • Yet to complete financial records
  • Short term self employed

Generally LowDoc home loans are available for those borrowers who are self-employed with a financial situation that makes it difficult to verify their income.

How we can help

Credit Problems
Sometimes our past seems to haunt us. You may have had loan arrears, paid or unpaid defaults, judgments against you or even been through bankruptcy before. That’s in the past, but the banks still refuse your loan application. MyBudget Loans may help.
I don’t fit the Traditional Criteria
MyBudget Loans can help borrowers secure mortgage finance who do not fit the criteria of traditional lenders. This market is sometimes referred to as the 'non-conforming' segment, but MyBudget Loans prefer to think of it as specialist lenders.
What does it cost to use MyBudget Loans?
Absolutely nothing! Our service is free to you. We are paid by our panel of lenders. It costs you no more than if you approached the lender yourself. In many cases our leverage with lenders means that it could actually cost you less.

Things you should know

MyBudget Loans works alongside MyBudget. MyBudget Loans has a separate ACN 613 857 104 and has a credit licence: Australian Credit Licence 492064.

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