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Mortgages, car loans, hire purchases, credit cards, merchant finance… The average household is juggling multiple debts. Even high income households can struggle with payments. But with MyBudget’s help you could break the debt cycle, begin to relieve your stress and start looking forward to a brighter financial future.

Are you feeling the pain and worry of debt stress and financial hardship? You’re not alone. Debt stress is at epidemic proportions in Australia as the cost of living continues to rise and people struggle to get ahead. With little or no savings, many rely on credit cards and loans to make ends meet. Others are victims of habitual overspending or income fluctuations that make budgeting difficult.

Whatever the cause, money troubles rarely fix themselves. Rather, debt has a nasty habit of snowballing. Interest charges, late fees and other penalties can quickly add up over time. Creditors may also threaten default notices, repossession or legal action.

The good news is that the debt spiral can be beaten. We can help by designing a debt solution that aims to relieve your stress quickly and puts you back in control of your finances.

Imagine knowing that your bills are being paid on time, your loans are up to date and your creditors are off your back. A customised debt solution from MyBudget is designed to help relieve debt stress without further compromising your credit rating or leading to further debt.

We believe in sustainable and realistic debt solutions, not Band-Aid fixes. We take a long-range view of your finances and devise a tailored budget plan that is designed to be affordable, flexible and sustainable. Our aim is to help you achieve your immediate goals quicker, while providing the tools you need for lifelong financial success.

As well as analysing your financial situation in detail and designing a customised budget plan to achieve your goals, we have a dedicated team of professionals who can liaise with your creditors on your behalf. We may be able to negotiate payment arrangements that better suit your circumstances—for example, reduced payments or a break from payments while you get back on your feet.

In general, we find that creditors are willing to help people who have a realistic budget in place and are sincere about paying what they owe. Our expertise in debt negotiation also means that we usually know what sorts of terms are achievable and how to go about securing fair and affordable deals for our clients.

There are as many ways into debt as there are out of it and we recognise that each situation demands a fully-customised solution. We do not provide off-the-shelf or one-size-fits-all products. Each and every budget plan we design is created from scratch to meet the specific needs and goals of the individual or household.

At a free, no-obligation personal budgeting consultation, we can help you develop a detailed picture of your situation — so detailed that it is likely to provide deeper insights into your financial situation than you’ve had before. Using our analysis, we can then model different debt management strategies to suit your needs and priorities. By the end of your free consultation, you have a comprehensive budget plan that demonstrates your options and shows exactly what is achievable.

We recognise that talking about money problems can be challenging. Please be assured that all of our staff are caring and professional and that your information is treated with confidentiality. A meeting with one of our personal budgeting consultants is an opportunity for you to receive insights into your situation and to explore your alternatives. You are under no obligation to sign up. What’s more, the customised budget plan we design for you is yours to keep for free.

To book your free consultation or to find out more, call us on 1300 300 922 or enquire now.

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Karen & Brenton, MyBudget client

"We were getting phones cut off, electricity was getting disconnected, having to borrow money from in-laws....MyBudget has helped us in so many ways - knowing that someone else would make that phone call to a creditor or just to make the payment arrangements without you having to do it.”

Karen & Brenton, MyBudget client

Leah & Kerin, MyBudget clients

"Life before MyBudget was quite stressful. I was always wondering where I was going to get the money to pay the next bill from. Things now are a lot better, a lot less stressful. Actually, we don’t stress at all about money. So we went from being about $23,000 in debt to now owning our own home and several investment properties."

Leah & Kerin, MyBudget clients

Emma & Brian, MyBudget client

"MyBudget basically structured our money in a way that we could then afford everything...We caught up on some bills that we were behind on. Now basically we don't have to worry about when we get a bill, because we've got money there to pay for everything that we want.”

Emma & Brian, MyBudget client

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