Are creditors

contacting you?

Do you have creditors contacting you?

Getting overdue notices and payment demands? Receiving calls or visits from debt collectors? Need debt relief services right away?

The right debt management strategy can put your finances back on track, start to relieve your stress and begin to put an end to creditors contacting you.

Nobody gets into financial trouble on purpose. For most people, it starts with a life changing event. A job loss or reduction in income can leave you thinking “how can I get out of debt with no money?” Likewise, life events such as divorce or separation, the arrival of a new child or an illness can impact your ability to keep your head above water.

Signs of needing help with debt relief

Do you…

  • Run out of money before pay day
  • Borrow money to make ends meet
  • Have overdue accounts and late bills
  • Fight with your loved ones about money
  • Often overdraw your account
  • Receive calls and letters from creditors
  • Max out your credit card
  • Find it hard to keep track of your expenses
  • Never have money left over to save

When bills start piling up, it can be tempting to hide your head in the sand. But that is probably one of the worst things you can do. In all likelihood, your debt and your stress levels will continue to rise. The sooner you seek help, the sooner you can begin to gain control over the situation.

MyBudget aims to reduce your stress and worry by addressing the underlying problems that have contributed to the situation. We can communicate with your creditors on your behalf if you indicate that you would like us to do so.

As well as creating a fully-customised personal budget for you, MyBudget can talk to your creditors on your behalf.

MyBudget has a team of dedicated negotiators who specialise in debt management. We can work with you and your creditors to develop a debt management strategy that is mutually agreeable. Annually, we successfully renegotiated over 4.8 million payments to creditors for our clients.

Deal with your debt while knowing that your bills are being paid.

Having successfully negotiated debt arrangements with your creditors, it’s very important for you to make the agreed payments. This is where our budget plan, support and structure may assist.

A customised personal budget plan will give you peace of mind that you have money for living expenses and other priorities while your debt is being paid off.

See how we have helped others...

You could be a MyBudget success story too!

Karen & Brenton, MyBudget clients

"We were getting phones cut off, electricity was getting disconnected, having to borrow money from in-laws....MyBudget has helped us in so many ways - knowing that someone else would make that phone call to a creditor or just to make the payment arrangements without you having to do it.”

Karen & Brenton, MyBudget clients

Emma & Brian, MyBudget clients

"MyBudget basically structured our money in a way that we could then afford everything...We caught up on some bills that we were behind on. Now basically we don't have to worry about when we get a bill, because we've got money there to pay for everything that we want.”

Emma & Brian, MyBudget clients

Sarah, MyBudget client

"I had two credit cards, both maxed out. I was only able to pay the minimum payments...[Now] both of my credit cards are completely gone. My loan is completely gone, paid off two-and-a-half years earlier than what it was scheduled to by being able to afford to make extra repayments and cutting down the interest.”

Sarah, MyBudget client

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