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How to get a default removed from your credit file

After writing a post about how to check your credit report, I got a number of questions from people including is credit repair possible? And can default listings and ... three consecutive months, but some creditors may report defaults sooner. It's ... regularly. I've seen examples where creditors agree to different payment terms ...

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RBA interest rate cut: what does it mean for you?

Yesterday, the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) cut the official interest rate by 0.25% to 3.0%. What does that mean for you and what will interest rates look like in ... cheaper and that you enjoy dealing with. If your local deli ... , would you demand a better deal? In fact, you'd probably just ...

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Too many bills, not enough money

This article appears in issue 3 of Samara Magazine, a free online magazine for women business owners and entrepreneurs. Helping people to succeed and achieve their life ... people don't realise that other creditors (telephone companies, credit card providers ... confused about your priorities when creditors are chasing you for payment. ...

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Planning for back-to-school expenses

... lots of families will be dealing with additional expenses. Here are ... ... lots of families will be dealing with additional expenses. Here are ... them to find the best deals before you hit the shops. ...

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Sole parent trying to make ends meet

This is Lisa-Ann, a MyBudget client living in Western Australia with her young daughter and son. I asked Lisa-Ann if I could share her story with you because her situation ... told me that they'd deal directly with my creditors. It was such ... the responsibilities they have to deal with, so it's incredibly rewarding ...

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'Mind Over Money'

Have you ever wondered what causes our spending habits? How much our lifestyle choices really cost us? Why we often spend more than we earn? Janine Newman, an expert ... our emotional discomfort instead of dealing with the real issue. Where ...

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Riding the MyBudget bus to retirement

Two of our valued clients, Bob and Judy, have given us permission to share their wonderful story with you. Bob and Judy joined MyBudget in 2007 because, in Bob's words ... only did Bob have to deal with the sadness of losing ... potential increase in assets, Bob's creditors wouldn't agree to a debt ...

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Watch out for “free” credit card deals

"Get a complimentary flight", "earn up to 30,000 bonus points", "collect two points for every dollar you spend." These are just some of the deals credit card companies ... are just some of the deals credit card companies use to ... for interest-free finance on travel deals and airline points at a ...

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What’s in your credit report? (infographic)

Your credit report stores information about your debts and repayments - information that creditors use to measure your creditworthiness. Let's take a closer look ... debts and repayments – information that creditors use to measure your creditworthiness. ... credit scoring system to help creditors assess creditworthiness. Credit scoring is ...

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Important changes to credit reporting: advisory bulletin

MyBudget would like to share this important update with you. Changes to privacy laws now allow credit reporting agencies to collect information about your repayment history ... personal loans, and similar products. Creditors such as utility and telecommunication ... information. But, unfortunately, notifications from creditors about changes to privacy laws ...

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Understanding insolvency (bankruptcy and Part IX debt agreements)

Personal insolvency has been rising in recent years as more people struggle with increasing amounts of unsecured debt. Personal loans, credit cards and mobile phone bills ... your salary to compensate your creditors. Bankruptcy also excludes you from ... amount to his or her creditors. As with bankruptcy, a formal ...

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Interest-free finance: how it really works

We'll soon start to see mid-year sales pop up. If you've been saving for something special, the sales might be a good time to go shopping. But retailers will also try ... example) to offer consumers buy-now-pay-later deals. The terms may differ, but ... don't initially realise that buy-now-pay-later deals are actually a loan. In ...

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Lying about money

It happens every day: Two people fall in love and make a happy couple. But couples don't always stay happy and money can be a leading cause of marriage and relationship ... be in joint names. Your creditor doesn't care that it was ...

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Lauren Clarke: leading by caring

When Tammy May reflects on MyBudget's rapid growth over the last decade, she says that staff have been one of the key ingredients. "When I launched MyBudget, I knew we ... of the account setup and creditor negotiation teams. The aim is ...

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Beware of CBA credit card offer

... popular website which offers a deal a day for local restaurants ... ... popular website which offers a deal a day for local restaurants ... , theatres etc. One of their deals in Melbourne this week is ...

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7 Ways to Pay Off Your Credit Card Faster

Are you stressed about credit card debt? Feel like you never get ahead? You're not alone. Australia's combined credit card debt is worth around $50 billion. But this ... faster. 2. Talk with your creditors Does it feel like all ... problem — reach out to your creditors and speak with them about ...

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Debt agreement ads: investigation exposes fox in sheep's clothes

The Consumer Action Law Centre has investigated the web advertising of some Australia's most high profile debt agreement administrators and found that many of their claims ... of bankruptcy under the law. Creditors can use this to force ... that could be forgiven by creditors or the likelihood of saving ...

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What can you do if your mortgage gets behind?

Credit ratings agency, Fitch, recently reported that home loan defaults jumped up by 12.5 percent in the last three months of 2010.This is not surprising. The end of ... to become confused when other creditors are harassing you for payment. ... communication open with your other creditors—explain your situation and speak ...

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Power brokers: you might save hundreds

In an Advertiser article last week, experts predicted that South Australia will soon have the most expensive electricity in the world, followed closely by other Australian ... shopping around for the best deal on utilities. How you use ... a recommendation for the best deal for your power usage pattern ...

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