Debt management

Managing debt on your own can be overwhelming. We can help.


Let us take the stress away so you can live your life, free from money worries.

Trying to manage debt on your own?

With multiple debts, your life can feel like a mess. Trying to tidy up takes the joy out of living life. Debt is a frustration that won’t go away.

You can easily become overwhelmed by thoughts of how you’re going to pay off your debts. The interest rates on those debts don't stop piling on, adding to your frustration.
You might hesitate to pay for simple everyday things. When you’re around friends and family, fights can break out over talk about money.  At night, your situation may be making it difficult to sleep.

Trying to generate savings in this situation can seem thankless and cumbersome.

When your credit cards are maxed out, creditors decline to give you another loan, assuming you can’t pay them.

As well as sinking in penalties and charges, debt collectors come into the equation, knocking at your door. You just want them to go away.

If any of this sounds familiar, it might be time for a debt management plan.

How can a debt management plan help you?

Without financial training, managing debt is like trying to get from one location to the next without a map or GPS.

You can become lost the moment you get going, very soon not having any idea of where you are. You can become so lost that you don’t know how to get back to where you began.

A debt management plan gives you a clear road to follow, so you can:

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    Pay off your debts sooner, in an affordable way

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    Up your income to meet everyday expenses

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    Keep money for the things that matter

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    Make a bright future for you and your family

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    Stop the stress and worry, and relax!

How we develop a debt management plan that works for you

Creating a debt management plan begins simply and costs you nothing.


We meet for a friendly chat

We take some time to meet with you to talk about what you spend your money on, as well as your short and long-term financial goals.
We talk about what you want your future to be and how saving money can help you get there.


We take a closer look at the numbers

By talking about your expenses and looking more deeply at your financial situation, we’ll help you see how you can save more money.
We can talk about how you stay in control of your money and how to stop relying on loans so much. Most importantly, we can start working out how to reduce your debts.


We put your debt management plan together for you

After a comprehensive review and discussion regarding your financial situation, we’ll help you create your debt management plan.

This is the map that can give you a clear road to follow with as little bumps as possible. A road towards a future where you’re debt-free and no longer stressing about money.

How we help you stick to your debt management plan

Helping you create a debt management plan is just the beginning. Following through on the plan is the next step.
On your own, it can be hard. We’re here to help you stay true to your financial goals and assist in every way possible.

We’re intent on seeing you debt-free by helping you to:

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    We can prioritise your debt and bill payments so you can optimise the use of your income

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    Make payments

    We can pay your bills and loan payments for you, including to friends and family

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    We can help you manage savings to ensure you have enough money for day-to-day living expenses

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    See with clarity

    We can provide you with visibility on your finances and give you clarity on how long it will take to get out of debt

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    We can help to take away the stress by talking with your creditors on your behalf

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    We can negotiate affordable payment arrangements to help get you back on track

Frequently asked questions

Short-term debt strategies like payday loans and borrowing cash from family and friends don’t fix the root cause of your debt problems. More often than not, they lead to deeper debt and increased stress levels.
Remember, getting out of debt takes time and dedication. With a sturdy debt management plan you can keep yourself on the road towards being debt-free.

Since 1999, our team has worked with thousands of creditors across Australia daily to secure better deals for Aussies that are deep in debt. Each year, our team successfully re-negotiates over 4.8 million payments to creditors.
Our team knows what’s achievable and what isn’t. They will help you find the best debt reduction strategy and work with you and your creditors to develop the debt solutions that work for you.
Because these creditors know our team manage your payments for you with a workable budget, they’re comfortable negotiating payment terms -- in your favour. 

We’ve helped countless Aussies create debt management plans