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9 homemade Christmas gifts people will actually use

Crocheted doilies, cross-stitched handkerchiefs, little soaps in the shape of a rose—these are the sorts of homemade Christmas gifts each of us has received (and/or given) at some time or another. No offence to doilies, but let’s control-alt-delete the standard handmade gift idea list and replace it with cool items that people will actually love and use. Let’s get into the holiday spirit and make sure you get the kids involved, too.

DIY Christmas Gifts

Instagram photo coasters

This perfect gift idea is a great way to capture memories from the year (and perfect coasters for the homemade Bailey’s Irish cream). They make for beautiful gifts and full credit for this product goes to Mod Podge—an all-in-one glue, sealer and finish available from most craft shops.

9 homemade christmas gifts people will actually use

Printed T-shirts

The best thing about gifting homemade Christmas gifts is that you can make them how you like. Printing your own designs on T-shirts can let your imagination run wild, and perfect for providing more personalised DIY Christmas handmade gifts.

Painted crockery

Speaking of personalised gifts, for someone you love. Perhaps a coffee mug, a Christmas dish or a porcelain photo frame. Porcelain paint pens are available from Spotlight and Lincraft.

9 homemade christmas gifts people will actually use

A Spotify playlist.

Spotify makes it easy to share playlists with your friends and family, since there’s a “share” option directly in the app. You can easily share your playlists with others by sending them via text message, email, or social media. Additionally, you can simply copy the link and paste the playlist anywhere.

Bath salts

We all work hard and when getting back from a long day with aching muscles, there’s nothing better than a nice bath. Put your lab coat on and make some bath salts in glass jars, these are sure to go down as welcomed homemade gifts. As the image below suggests, you can add some plant leaves for all of the plant lovers in your life.

9 homemade christmas gifts people will actually use

Homemade Christmas food gifts

Brownie in a jar

It’s a simple equation: brownie + jar = happiness. Everyone loves some edible gifts and there are plenty of recipes online and most seem to only take 10 minutes to make. White chocolate, dark chocolate, caramel? Get creative with some festive colours or candy canes and these are homemade Christmas gifts that will be sure to make any sweet tooth giddy with Christmas joy.

Food gift basket

Christmas is that one time of year where you’re expected to gorge on food. Many shops sell their own festive gift baskets but when you look at them, you can save a lot of money if you put them together yourself. All you need is a basket, some clear cellophane, a bow and, of course, the sweet treats inside.

9 homemade christmas gifts people will actually use

Homemade Bailey’s Irish Cream

Nothing wraps up Christmas dinner or kicks off the festivities quite like some homemade Bailey’s iIrish cream (adults only, of course). And there’s nothing more appealing than that five minute prep time.

Check out the recipe here

Home-baked cat and dog treats

When we think about homemade food gifts, we can’t forget the pets! Baking some home-baked cat and dog treats are a tasty way to say merry Christmas to our four-legged friends and family members. 

9 homemade christmas gifts people will actually use

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