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13 weeks until Christmas

Countdown to Christmas: 13 weeks!

Psst! It’s only 13 weeks until Christmas! Get yourself prepared for one of the most expensive times of the year with our handy budget checklist. For MyBudget clients, please don’t hesitate contacting our customer care team to discuss your Christmas budget—we’re always here to help.

Save money on taxis - MyBudget

Do you use Uber?

In case you haven’t heard, Uber is a ride sharing service that allows passengers to connect with drivers of hire vehicles. Uber was launched in San Francisco in 2009 and reached our shores in 2012. The global company is valued today at over $50 billion and is singly responsible for dramatically disrupting the taxi industry. The crux of the issue is that the Uber X service allows everyday car owners to provide a taxi service using their private cars. This has the traditional taxi industry in sixes and sevens. But what does it mean for us as consumers?

Save money on your mobile telephone

Is your smartphone making you poor?

There’s a small but flourishing movement of people who are ditching their smartphones for “dumbphones.” They’re trading in their fancy Apple and Android gadgets for old fashioned no-frills mobiles and saying goodbye to data plans and distracting web apps. Are you tempted to make the switch? Let’s look at the potential savings and other benefits.

Sell your unwanted stuff

Declutter for dollars

Is your home or workspace cluttered? Experts say that clutter may be holding you back from fully enjoying life. They tell us that living more simply can lead to greater happiness and lower stress levels. I say that decluttering can also turn unwanted stuff into handy dollars.