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Three things I’d like Australian children to know about money
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MyBudget’s Tammy Barton Wins Telstra Business Women Award for SA

We’re excited to announce that MyBudget’s founder and director Tammy Barton has been named South Australia’s Telstra Business Woman of 2017. Tammy is the award’s first two-time winner, after first winning the TBWA title for South Australia in 2007. The competition came down to four finalists from each of the award categories, with Tammy also winning the entrepreneur category.

The awards ambassador, Joe Pollard, last night described Tammy as “disrupting the financial services sector by focusing on making a difference to people’s lives, rather than selling products. Her goal has always been first and foremost to eliminate financial stress in the community. MyBudget is a company solving real problems for real people.”

When Tammy last won the award, MyBudget was poised to expand its Adelaide presence into Melbourne. Ten years later, the company has grown 2,000 percent, helped nearly 70,000 people and is poised to launch its services into the United Kingdom. We can only imagine what the next ten years has in store!

Tammy wishes to thank all clients and team members, past and present. She says, “This award is for all of us who are passionate about freeing people from money worries and building stronger, financially fitter communities.”



Three things I’d like Australian kids to know about money

Do you wonder what it takes to prepare kids to live financially fit lives? In this video, MyBudget’s founder and director Tammy Barton shares her top tips for teaching teenagers about money before they leave high school, including understanding how credit cards and credit contracts work and how to achieve financial fitness on nearly any income level through saving and budgeting.

Watch Tammy’s Video Here


5 tips that make starting a budget easier

The New Financial Year is here and you’ve decided to get financially fit. Great work! But I know from experience that the structure of budgeting can take some getting used to, so here are my tips for making that transition easier. Follow these five pointers and you’ll get your financial health-kick off to a strong and sustainable start.

Air mile rewards are the prize for using this generic, mock credit card.

Watch out for “free” credit card deals

“Get a complimentary flight”, “earn up to 30,000 bonus points”, “collect two points for every dollar you spend.” These are just some of the deals credit card companies use to get our attention.


Introducing the new Official MyBudget App

We’re excited to announce that the Official MyBudget App for clients has been rated 4.7 out of a possible 5 stars since being launched last month. The app has the same functionality as the Members’ Website, with the added convenience of being able to manage your budget on the run from your smartphone or tablet.

No more power bill suprises

No more power bill surprises

Have you ever been shocked because your power bill was higher than expected? Power bill surprises happen far too often—not because people are careless, but because it’s hard to keep track of how much energy our homes actually use. And by the time the bill arrives, it’s too late to do anything about it. Well, not any longer!