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Save money on your mobile telephone

Is your smartphone making you poor?

There’s a small but flourishing movement of people who are ditching their smartphones for “dumbphones.” They’re trading in their fancy Apple and Android gadgets for old fashioned no-frills mobiles and saying goodbye to data plans and distracting web apps. Are you tempted to make the switch? Let’s look at the potential savings and other benefits.

Sell your unwanted stuff

Declutter for dollars

Is your home or workspace cluttered? Experts say that clutter may be holding you back from fully enjoying life. They tell us that living more simply can lead to greater happiness and lower stress levels. I say that decluttering can also turn unwanted stuff into handy dollars.

Miracle Spray recipe

Clean up on homemade Miracle Spray

Wouldn’t you love a cheap, enviro-friendly cleaning product that you could use all over the house? Some MyBudget staff have been trialing homemade Miracle Spray from the Simple Savers Facebook page and their feedback is a big thumbs up. They say it works as well as store-bought cleaners on tiles, glass shower screens, toilets, benches and floors, plus it doubles up as a pre-wash stain remover.

Change your driving habits and save

Are your driving habits costing you money?

One of our readers Paul wrote to us: “This may seem silly, but I’m usually a lead-foot who likes to be the first away at the lights and ahead of the pack. Since I’ve cut back on accelerating so hard I seem to save quite a few litres in petrol. Two litres per week multiplied by 52 weeks at an average of $1.30 per litre = $135.20 annual savings.”

Paul’s findings are confirmed by the experts in Canberra. Subtly changing your driving habits will save you fuel and money.  The Department of the Environment’s top 10 tips include: