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Tammy on 9 News Adelaide
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New Year resolutions: don't be afraid to think small

If you’re currently thinking about resolutions for the New Year, don’t overlook little lifestyle changes that save a few dollars every day, but turn into super savings over a year.

Here’s an indication, based on estimates, of how much you could save in 12 months by making these eight changes…

1. Take your lunch to work instead of buying it – $2,000

2. Ride the bus to work instead of driving – $1,500

3. Turn your electrical appliances off at the wall -$110

4. Use the clothesline instead of the dryer – $40

5. Stop buying one monthly magazine – $250

6. Stop buying take-away coffee on your way to work- $750

7. Unplug the 20-year old fridge you keep in the garage – $445

8. Replace one take-away meal each week with home cooking – $400

Total savings: $5,495 per year.

There’s a lot you can do with that sort of money.

Happy New Year – and happy saving!

Twenty last-minute budget Christmas gifts

If you’re scratching your head for last minute Christmas gifts, here are 20 thoughtful ideas that’ll spread oodles of Christmas cheer without spreading you thin:

1. Child’s framed artwork
2. Deck of cards & a rule book
3. Personal coupon (car wash, massage, gardening etc.)
4. Disposable under-water camera
5. Gardening gloves & a packet of seeds
6. Movie voucher
7. Note cards & a book of stamps
8. Muffin pan & a pack of muffin mix
9. Nail polish & emery boards
10. Collection of kitchen utensils
11. Digital photo key chain
12. Blank CDs
13. Home made cake, biscuits, jam or pickles
14. Craft, art & school supplies
15. Photo album
16. Pot plant
17. Scented candle
18. Photo frame
19. iTunes gift card
20. Someone’s favourite magazine

To all of our friends and clients, may you and your loved ones be blessed with riches beyond money this Christmas. It’s a pleasure to serve you, and we look forward to reducing more financial stress in the community throughout 2010!

Win a $300 shopping spree

Did you know that over one-quarter of new MyBudget clients come from referrals from existing clients?

The most recent winners of our ‘Refer a Friend’ competition are Jacky & Shayne Apps. Jacky and Shayne have been MyBudget clients since 2006. They tell us that they love the freedom that comes with not having to worry about their finances any more. Thank you, Shayne & Jacky, for referring your friends and family to MyBudget!

Every time you help a friend or family member by referring them to MyBudget, you go in the draw to win a handy $300 Westfield shopping spree. There’s no limit to how many times you can enter, so refer as many people as you like to increase your chances of winning. The only condition is that your referred friends attend an interview with us. It’s that easy. And you’ll be helping your loved ones to reduce their debt and financial stress.