"Our success is driven by our dedicated

team members who are committed

to making a difference."

- Tammy Barton

Welcome to MyBudget

A word from MyBudget's founder and director, Tammy Barton (formerly May)

As you can imagine I have great passion for MyBudget, having seen it grow from my kitchen table to a multi-award winning national company which now employs more than 200 people across Australia.

When I launched MyBudget, I knew we had to engage with people in a new and unique way. MyBudget’s approach had to be different from traditional financial organisations. We didn't want the old, dry bank manager style of interaction with our clients, so we purposely looked for staff members who could relate to others compassionately and authentically.

When recruiting today we still focus on attitude and people who genuinely care about others, as well as the skills and experience required to perform in the specific role. This approach has been very successful for us. We provide a much-needed service to thousands of individuals and families across Australia by helping them gain control of their finances and improve their lives.

Our success is driven by our dedicated team members who are committed to making a difference. They are excited to be part of an organisation that is unique in its service offering and community focus. There are few things more rewarding than helping people achieve their goals and changing lives for the better.

Since starting, MyBudget has always been growing quickly. We have outgrown our headquarters in Adelaide twice, and we now have multiple satellite offices in Adelaide, Melbourne, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sydney and Perth. With our ongoing expansion we’re always looking for the best people over a wide range of disciplines to join our team - people who are enthusiastic and empathetic to help us achieve our goals and play an integral part in the future of our company.

For our people, we offer competitive pay and incentive programs, and we have a unique, caring culture that encourages people to thrive. A career with MyBudget can take you in nearly any direction as we continue to seek energetic contributors who can help us meet demand for our services. We anticipate that ongoing economic instability and other financial pressures playing on Australian households will result in more people needing our assistance.

So, if you're someone who is financially responsible and likes working in a dynamic, caring environment where your passion for hard work and helping people can be unleashed, MyBudget is probably a good match for you.

We'd love to hear from you.