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The MyBudget team encompasses a diverse range of ages, experience, skills and roles. The one common thread between staff members is our caring nature, both at work and in our personal lives.

We are all about teamwork, commitment and balance. We encourage a supportive work environment to enable our people to flourish and grow. We are an equal opportunity employer and understand that everyone’s opinion is unique and valuable - all contributions are respected. It is our commitment to diversity that unites us.

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Our employees are as diverse as our clients

Meet Karli

Karli talks about how quickly her career advanced in the first few months of joining MyBudget, as well as the educational opportunities available to her through MyBudget.

Meet Darryn

Staff member, Darryn, shares his experience working as a New Client Support Team Leader at MyBudget.

Every now and then we feature three employees so you can see what they're up to.

Matthew Brincat - Personal Budgeting Specialist

"MyBudget has, from the very start, been a family to me. I'd never worked in such a positive, supportive and enjoyable workplace, which made the decision to move back home to Melbourne for personal reasons so difficult. Fortunately, MyBudget encourages internal movements which is why I successfully applied for a position in Melbourne. I was able to be closer to my family and friends in Melbourne, whilst still within the MyBudget family I've come to appreciate so much."

Matthew Brincat - Personal Budgeting Specialist

Lauren Jamieson - Financial Analyst

"I couldn’t ask for a better place to work. There is such a great working atmosphere here; everyone works together and we’re like a big family. Every day something amazing happens and there are always so many opportunities for career progression. Our staff are compassionate, caring and dedicated people who genuinely care about helping our clients and making a difference to their lives – that’s why I can honestly say that I love my job."

Lauren Jamieson - Financial Analyst

Donna Marston - Client Relationship Officer

"From working at MyBudget I get satisfaction from helping the clients, the opportunity that I’m making a difference in people’s lives. I know everyone says that, but I feel that I am really making a difference to them and it is a really good feeling. I think it is really important too as, client by client, we are re-educating the community to use their money effectively and not borrow, borrow, borrow from the banks. We are teaching them a better way.”

Donna Marston - Client Relationship Officer