How Much Does it Cost?

MyBudget’s fees are designed to be affordable. After all, we’re here to improve your financial position, not make it worse.

There is an establishment fee which is included in the budget and paid off over time. The establishment fee varies depending on how many new arrangements we need to make with your creditors.

No long term contracts and no surprises

MyBudget charges a small ongoing fee to manage your payments and budgeting plan. Again, this fee varies depending on the circumstances, but there are no surprises. MyBudget’s fees are clearly specified as expense items in your budgeting plan. Most of our clients say that our fees are less than the cost of interest and late penalties they used to incur.

There are no long term contracts at MyBudget. Our clients choose to stay with us because they’re exceptionally satisfied with our service and excited to be achieving their financial goals.

World class systems

It’s important to understand that your MyBudget plan is live and dynamic. We custom-designed the software and systems we use to manage your finances. These systems are subject to continuous improvement as we strive to provide higher and higher levels of service to our clients.

Our customised system, which took years to develop, intelligently prioritises your payments. If an emergency or unexpected expense should arise, all you need to do is contact MyBudget. The new expense will be instantly incorporated into your budget plan. Any necessary adjustments to your budget plan will occur automatically.

You have total peace of mind that your financial situation is being professionally managed and that you will be meeting all your financial obligations. The benefits are not just financial. MyBudget eliminates the financial stress and worry that can hurt your relationships, work, health and wellbeing.

MyBudget can help you break the cycle of week-to-week living. Are you ready to start enjoying life?

Take the next step to get out of debt and start saving.

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How much does it cost?

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