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Future of payment security—vein scanning!

Furture of wallet-less transactionsDo you remember when we used to have bank books? Or how about the old, crunchy credit card machines that used to make a carbon imprint of your card? Then we got cards that had magnetic strips inside and came with PIN numbers. The latest iteration is smart cards with radio chips and virtual wallets programmed into our mobile devices.

So what comes next? According to people in the know, the future of transaction security is “biometric authentication”, which basically means using body parts to verify our payment details. Continue reading

Frugal flyer road test: AirAsia

MyBudget Frugal Flyer Program!Welcome to MyBudget’s “frugal flyer program!” Over the coming months, we’re going to road test a series of budget airlines and see how they compare. This week we’re starting with Malaysian low-cost carrier AirAsia, named the world’s best budget airline by a number of sources in 2012. Our AirAsia road test is kindly provided by Lori from South Australia. She flew from Adelaide to Phuket via Kuala Lumpur in May 2014 with her husband and three-and-a-half-year old daughter. Continue reading

School holiday fun on a budget (video blog)

Budgeting for school holiday funSchool holidays are a great opportunity to spend more time with the kids, but it can also put a strain on household finances. Some families will be faced with the extra cost of holiday care, and others will be spending more money keeping the kids entertained. Here are some tips to keep your costs under control while you keep the kids happy.

Tammy May’s July 2014 video blog

10 tips to get financially fit

Lose the debt and start savingAre your finances feeling a bit flabby? Are you ready for a financially fitter you? Financial health is a lot like physical health—you can’t achieve it without discipline and good routine. Not to mention that bad money habits can snowball into serious financial health issues. So, let’s talk about how to lose the debt and put on some serious money muscle. Continue reading

What’s all the buzz about Bitcoin?

Virtual currencyI read in the paper that an Australian real estate agency is accepting Bitcoin for house deposits and advertising payments, and there’s now a Bitcoin ATM in the food court at Westfield Sydney. So this Bitcoin thing is going main stream? I guess we better work out exactly what Bitcoin is. Here’s what my research dug up. Continue reading