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Reflections on 2014

What financial goals did you achieve in 2014?What a year it has been! If yours has been anything like mine, it’s been one of change, challenges and adventure. The highlight for me was the arrival of a baby girl in August. She has added yet another layer of love and logistics to the constant challenge of balancing life’s demands.

As the year draws to an end, this is a good opportunity to reflect on your achievements in 2014. It only takes a few minutes to take stock of life’s blessings—everything from the food in your fridge to the people you care about. What did you achieve? What did you learn? What are your goals for next year? Continue reading

10 homemade Christmas gifts people will actually use

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Crocheted doilies, cross-stitched handkerchiefs, little soaps in the shape of a rose—these are the sorts of homemade gifts each of us has received (and/or given) at some time or another. No offence to doilies, but let’s control-alt-delete the standard homemade gift list and replace it with cool items that people will actually love and use. Make sure you get the kids involved, too. Continue reading

Keep our cyclists safe—they’re saving more than money


HHelp keep our cyclists safeThe warmer weather’s finally here and I love seeing all the extra cyclists on the road. Cycling is a great way to boost your health and budget. Based on average vehicle running costs, swapping your car for a bike will save you $7,000+ per annum and will reduce your carbon footprint by about six tons a year. Riding to and from work for just 15 minutes each way also meets the recommended daily exercise requirements. The most important thing, however, is to keep our cyclists safe. Continue reading

Getting a puppy or kitten? Here’s your budget checklist.

Puppy and kitten budget checklistI love animals and the joy they bring, and I think it’s wonderful that hundreds of families across Australia will adopt pets over Christmas and the school holidays. Unfortunately, however, hundreds of others will be abandoned because people often underestimate the cost and responsibilities of pet ownership. That’s why I recommend, before you buy a puppy or kitten, to go through this checklist first. Continue reading

How to get a default removed from your credit file

Improve your credit rating with MyBudget's helpAfter writing a post about how to check your credit report, I got a number of questions from people including is credit repair possible? And can default listings and payment history be altered or removed from a credit file? The answer is typically murky – it will really depend on the circumstances. Let’s start by clarifying the sorts of information stored on your credit report. Continue reading

10 last-minute, low-cost Halloween costumes

Budget-friendly Halloween ideasWill your kids be celebrating Halloween on Friday? Like everything else American, I guess it was inevitable that the combination of costumes and lollies (or should I say “candy”) would eventually make it over here.

If you’re strapped for time like me, here are some budget-friendly last-minute Halloween costume ideas: Continue reading

Vegetables are good for your budget

Save money by eating more vegetablesI was in the supermarket last week when I heard one woman say to another, “Gee the cost of meat is getting ridiculous.” She’s right. Meat, particularly good quality meat, will test nearly any household budget, especially if you’re serving it every night. The price of meat is yet another great reason to increase your veggie intake and improve your budget. Continue reading