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10 last-minute, low-cost Halloween costumes

Budget-friendly Halloween ideasWill your kids be celebrating Halloween on Friday? Like everything else American, I guess it was inevitable that the combination of costumes and lollies (or should I say “candy”) would eventually make it over here.

If you’re strapped for time like me, here are some budget-friendly last-minute Halloween costume ideas: Continue reading

Vegetables are good for your budget

Save money by eating more vegetablesI was in the supermarket last week when I heard one woman say to another, “Gee the cost of meat is getting ridiculous.” She’s right. Meat, particularly good quality meat, will test nearly any household budget, especially if you’re serving it every night. The price of meat is yet another great reason to increase your veggie intake and improve your budget. Continue reading

How to write a budget-boosting resume (video blog)

How to write a budget-boosting resumeOne of the best ways to boost your budget is with a pay rise, and if you’re looking for a new job or planning to ask your boss for a raise, you’re going to need a good resume. In my video blog this month, I talk about what recruiters like to see and how you can make your resume even stronger.

Tammy May’s October 2014 video blog

Life after bankruptcy—an interview with Girl Bankrupted

Bankruptcy should be seen as a last resort“My first full day of bankruptcy was surreal. I didn’t feel any different but I had a sense that somewhere, somehow, the machinations of the world outside were groaning and clunking to turn the ship so slowly that I barely saw the light changing direction. … A tree was falling in my forest and I could barely hear it myself.” –Girl Bankrupted

At MyBudget, we look at all your options, and consider bankruptcy a last resort and only when it’s absolutely the most suitable way to go. Less than five per cent of people who join MyBudget go through with bankruptcy. We help the remaining 95 per cent avoid insolvency and its far-reaching consequences through budgeting.

When it comes to bankruptcy, the journey can be very confusing. There are lots of companies that promote insolvency services, but very few sources of information about what it really means. One MyBudget client decided to change all that by documenting her bankruptcy experience in a blog called Girl Bankrupted. Continue reading

How big is your slice of the household debt pie?

One of the ways the Australian Bureau of Statistics looks at household finances is to measure average household debt as a percentage of average household income. Over time, it shows whether households are becoming more or less indebted in relation to their earnings.

How big is your slice of the debt pie?

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Money advice from Jason, a budgeting expert (video blog)

Money advice from a budgeting expertJason is one of MyBudget’s personal budgeting consultants. His role is to is to help people understand their financial situation and develop a budget to achieve their financial goals. This month, Jason shares his insights about taking control of your finances, including how to talk with your creditors and the importance of rewarding yourself.

MyBudget’s September 2014 video blog

How and why to check your credit report

What does your credit report say?Earlier this year, we published an advisory bulletin about changes to credit reporting. Changes to privacy laws now allow credit reporting agencies to collect information about your repayment history on consumer credit payments. The introduction of positive reporting is good news for people who pay on time. But if you pay late, it means that those payments may now be appearing on your credit file. Partial payments may be treated as late, too. If you have any concerns, it’s worth checking your credit report. Here’s how to do it. Continue reading