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Saving for a car? Budget 30 percent extra.

Hidden costs of car ownershipWhen it comes to buying a car, the ticket price is just the beginning. On-road costs and running expenses quickly add up. In this case study, we estimate the total first-year costs of car ownership for a fictional buyer called Sara. Sara is female, 25 years old, living in Victoria and about to become the owner of a used 2011 Barina worth $10,000. What else does Sara need to budget for? Continue reading

Reduce your footprint, reduce your costs

MyBudget and Earth Day 2015Next Wednesday, 22 April 2015, will be Earth Day, a day that aims to raise global awareness about environmental issues. Have you ever wondered how much impact your lifestyle has on the planet? The Earth Day organisers have designed a nifty footprint calculator that measures how your activities and consumption habits affect the environment and what you can do to make your footprint smaller. Continue reading

How to plan a great “staycation” (video blog)

How to plan a great staycationThe concept of “staycationing” is becoming increasingly popular and, in this month’s video blog, I argue that it can be just as fun and memorable as a normal holiday. Plus there are the advantages of less cost and less stress. Here are my tips for making the most of a holiday at home.

Tammy May’s April 2015 video blog

Ready for March madness? How to budget for fun.

Have you budgeted or March madness?March is just around the corner and it’s the month when Australia comes alive with festivals and concerts. There’s much to look forward to, so let’s talk about the importance of budgeting for fun. Big financial goals are important, but it’s great to have smaller goals in your budget, too. Fun stuff—like budgeting for a concert ticket or a night out with friends—provides a sense of achievement while you chip away at your long-term goals. Continue reading